Kanye West "Power" Video: Watch It Now!

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Two of the biggest stars in the rap game have released new music videos this week.

First, Eminem teamed up with Rihanna to deliver "Love the Way You Lie," which features Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan.

Now, Kanye West has delivered his rebuttal, a religious-themed video in honor of his latest single, "Power." It puts the star (and his giant gold chain) front and center, with director/artist Marco Brambilla explaining the motivation as follows:

"I've always wanted to do something that would visualize power, to do a portrait of what power would look like in a sort of timeless way and being able to have him framed in that portrait, essentially doing a video portrait of Kanye as a symbol of power, was very consistent with my art practice and what I explore in my artwork."

Watch the video below and chime in with your thoughts on it:


this video is amazing and interstig at the same time, he actually looks scary but while looking at the video I could help but to wonder if he wanted to show a portrait of what power look like and to use something sp holy in the representation of GOD i couldnt help but to notice the devil horns on the angel in the fron and the fire blazing in the video,so many sublminal symbols in it was really confusing was he pretraying was it god or the the devil!!!! know we all know God holds the most power and is the true ruler of the world and if your a strong beleaver whay you u mix them together..idk people we to start reading between the lines because its a lot evil in hollywood and the music industry also.


i have never seen something as beautiful as this!!!! it is truly a work of art and it defines mr. west to the fullest!!!


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