Kanye West "Power" Video: Watch It Now!

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Two of the biggest stars in the rap game have released new music videos this week.

First, Eminem teamed up with Rihanna to deliver "Love the Way You Lie," which features Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan.

Now, Kanye West has delivered his rebuttal, a religious-themed video in honor of his latest single, "Power." It puts the star (and his giant gold chain) front and center, with director/artist Marco Brambilla explaining the motivation as follows:

"I've always wanted to do something that would visualize power, to do a portrait of what power would look like in a sort of timeless way and being able to have him framed in that portrait, essentially doing a video portrait of Kanye as a symbol of power, was very consistent with my art practice and what I explore in my artwork."

Watch the video below and chime in with your thoughts on it:

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I have never seen such tom foolery in my whole 32 years on this earth you ppl think everyone is the next anti christ to be...lol Stop looking so deep into this ok!!! if what you all think is true mr. west woud be the youngest and only (black) member of the imaginary group you all would love to blame all evils of the world on..lls . Get a grip ppl.....it is a powerful video and as always kanye has done something that invokes thought even if what you thought was un true...........I don't even like kanye but i felt the need to speak.


woooooow...you guys are calling the guy who made "Jesus Walks" a satan worshipper. If anything, he's obviously the 1 man with power right? well...surrounded by beautiful women, which are obviously demons as if theyre trying to take away his focus from the two dudes about to slice his ass. and honestly, that's how the music industry is when you're famous. pretty chicks try to trap you, haters try to side swipe you. of course something along with the theme of power is going to have references to both god and the devil, as they are both bodies of power. its like good or bad? + he freakin had a halo above him, i cant be the only one to see that. and if free masons and illumanati are supposed to be secret societies...why would they go public??


He better enjoy it now cause he gon BURN forever


Dang! You Illuminati conspiracy theorists are sharp! You keep finding and exposing our evil hidden messages and spooky symbols. See how many you can find in my voiceover reel linked in the post below this one. If you are having trouble finding the carefully place little clues hinting at our world domination, why not have any casting agents or video game developers you might know have a look and listen? They might help you find any grassy knolls we've hidden in this seemingly innocent little voiceover reel. Network television execs and movie studio heads are usually pretty good at reading between my... sorry, OUR lines as well. If you happen to know any, have them take a look as well. Thanks for playing, and good luck!! -Adam Harrington (there could be an evil anagram going on with my name too!. Only one way to find out)


i think everybody should let the whole "illuminati" and "freemasonary" thing go! its getting old now! and half of yall dont even know what the hell it really is! Most of you that are looking up all the signs and symbols of of it no more about the damn devil then God. smh its just sad. Live your life and let them live theirs PERIOD!


Does this video BOTHER' anybody else.? I Had heard that he made a video for the song., so i wanted to see it. The song was kind of oddly catchy to me., so i was like "oh cool., a vid. !" No. WRONG REACTION. This video makes me strangly uncomfortable. Does anyone else feel that.?


lmfao freemasonry and illuminati are made up. please grow up and appreciate a decent video for what it is...


Well said!


Anyone saying this is a "work of art" is CLEARLY brainwashed beyond saying.The entire video is mocking God, and revealing (like we didn't already know) his ties to Freemasonry & their entire agenda, through symbolism. Do some research on what the video means before throwing your arms in the air and labelling the vid as art, clowns...


looks like more illuminati symbolism. when the swords meet you can pause it and it is basically the eye in the pyramid. not to bring up the rest of the whole video. im not tryin to be a crazy conspiracy theorist but i just keep seein this stuff everywhere. and especially in hip hop now. dont know. maybe its just me.