Kanye West "Power" Video: Watch It Now!

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Two of the biggest stars in the rap game have released new music videos this week.


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    kanye rocks


    The video makes me feel strong! Thats what we need, 2 C us on the throne,where we will be again soon!!! ...POW


    Whoever is saying this isn't art needs to take an art history course and educate themselves.


    It's amazing that people just don't get it... The Worship of Idols and Money is Evil, everyday Music turns people away from Goodness and leads them towards the darkness.

    In the last days Satan will try to take as many followers to their end with him, we are in those times as you can see the "Stupidity" blinds them to believe that God/Jesus is not real and loving Money is ok and saying anything you want to people is ok and Lies/Cheating/Sex Scandals is the NORM...

    Elevate your mind, it's not hard to see what the powers of Evil are doing. Sex is everywhere, Cursing is everywhere, Lying is everywhere, Cheating is everywhere, Corruption is everywhere, Fear is everywhere...

    Evil feeds on Sexual Desires, Materialistic Desires, Fear, Lies, Cheating and Bad Deeds...

    What side will you be on when Judgement Day Comes? I'll live in a hut with God & Jesus on my side any day versus a Mansion with Satan!!!


    I'm sorry I'm back again...... after watching some stuff on youtube...ummm to all the people who support Kanye would you allow your beautiful young growing son/daughter listen to his lyrics??? He said and I qoute I SOLD MY SOUL TO THE DEVIL........yea some say we are reading too deep into it but that's not cool to play around with....he is standing before a crowd of people glorifying satan.....lol you people are looney to think he is not being used by Satan.....Lucifer was the head musician when he was in heaven.....he was so cold wit it that when he walked music exuded from his body!!! When he was cast down that ability was not taken away from him he now uses people like Kanye to gain his glory.......but in the end when its all said and done only what you do for christ will last....who's report will you believe??


    Umm to all who thinks this is art please do your home work.......IN THE MIGHTY MATCHLESS NAME OF JESUS I REBUKE YOU SATAN AND ALL OF YOUR FALSE DOCTRINE!!! Man I'm really prayin for Kanye, we need to pray for all of these so called artist (cuz half of it ain't art!!)and all of the people who falls into these traps....please befor you listen to any of this mess LISTEN TO THE WORDS.......LOOK AT THE ALBUM COVERS


    How is it a myth pleas help me see your close minded veiw


    if u ppl are christian or even have a brain you know we are living in the last days with false prophets and false leaders this is not video creativity hollywood is tryna to send us to hell these artists are selling or exchanging their souls for what they thnk the devil can offer the illuminati and masonry is so real it's not even funny i jus feel sorry for the ignorant....


    the more views the more sales genuis at his best read the words, i'm from detroit michigan half our schools are closing my prisons being built and black people are the chosen ones and where rolling meaning we dealing with this shit everyday those the hate on this is not from the same world .kno i have to go clean ,power


    the crazy thing is kanye is not thinking about the generation to come what would b like with the world being messed up.even his childerens children will suffer for what they doing,im a KRUMPER EN I WILL SHOW THEM THE TRUTH CHRIST UP!!!!!! BORNBUCK

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