Justin Bieber on CSI: First Look

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Justin Bieber really is coming to CSI this fall.

While the news that this adorable young singer would play a recurring role on one of TV's most highly-rated dramas seemed a bit far-fetched at first, we now have photographic evidence to back it up.

With executive producer Carol Mendelsohn saying Justin “did a really good job" during filming on July 23, here's your first look at the cutie as the character of Jason McCann:

Multiple sources confirm that McCann is a troubled teen with a foster father in prison. His brother is out to seek revenge on police, leaving Jason "in the middle," Mendelsohn explained, adding: “Is he a good kid stuck in a bad situation or is he a bad kid hiding behind the cutes?”

Bieber will appear on the September 23 season premiere. He'll then return for a second episode likely to air in February.

All of this, of course, leads up to Justin's big-screen debut, which will be shown in 3D. Tweeted our favorite shaggy-haired stud on the CSI experience so far:

“Amazing day... excited for you guys to get to watch it... Thanks to everyone at CSI for having me.”


woo hoo go JB
In the pis he loods soo funny and cute! :D


Good one to miss, so not watching it with JB in it


i am soo watching it and recording it and watching it like 50 time lol


Wow Justin I didn't know that you like finding out how someone died that's so cool that you intrested at suck a young age!


ya me 2.. cant wait


i cant wait i love jb at 1 i never did now i do


I can't wait till then and JB is cutie


im noy going 2 watch it


OMG so watching it then RECORDING (:


I love him and he is sexy and i wanna see this !!

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