Jon Stewart Calls Out Glenn Beck for Hilarious, Dangerous Hypocrisy

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This just in: Jon Stewart is not a fan of Glenn Beck.

On The Daily Show last night, Stewart tore apart the Fox News host and his planned rally in D.C. tomorrow. In the following video, the comedian labels the event Beck's "I Have a Scheme" speech. Even the harshest Stewart critic must admit: that's a darn funny pun.

Summed up, Stewart's primary beef with Beck boils down to a pair of points:

  1. Beck derides Democrats for using fear tactics... only to literally refer to fire and brimstone and the end of the world if things don't change.
  2. Beck's number-one message to viewers is that the government has no business telling them how to live... only he spends every show doing that himself, even imparting investment advice in a gold company he gets paid to pitch (and which is being investigated for fraud).

Watch The Daily Show segment below and sound off on either or both of these hosts.

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I agree with you Null I, Glen Beck is about money, not people I am so tired of hearing about this. i am with Joh all the way. The tea party is for whites only.


The guy is one step away from the funny farm.


Beck is an angry dry drunk and would do well to remember he is living in 2010 America and not 1774 America. Get used to it -- the clock can't be turned back and the country is no longer occupied entirely by recently arrived European immigrants and Native Amricans....


So...I guess this means Rush 2000 an 5....


There goes Stewart again, comparing apples to oranges and trying to pass it all off as fruit. He calls Beck a hypocrite because he tells Americans what they have to do to work to stop the government from telling them what they have to do. Difference is, if Beck tells me I must buy health insurance, I can ignore him. If the Government tells me the same thing and I refuse, I can be prosecuted. Apples to Oranges, so no conclusions can be drawn.


The heck with beck- 10 minutes, 19 seconds is too long to have to listen to his rhetoric. Team Jon Stewart all the way,any day of the week !!


I am so tired of Glen Beck. Tv & radio seem to be all Glen Beck all the time. I don't care what Glen Beck has to say but I'm going to hear it anyway if I choose to listen to normal, moderate of left leaning radio and political talks shows, because that's all they ever talk about is Glen Beck. They have given him 1000 times the audience he would normally have with the extra blitz of publicity from all sides. He is getting richer and more powerful as those who increase his power & wealth continue to comment from the sidelines It's pathetic

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