Jon Stewart Asks: Is Fox News a Terrorist Command Center?

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Welcome to Extremist Makeover Homeland Edition.

On last night's edition of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart skewered Fox News by playing its own, ridiculous, dangerous game.

In a segment that focused on the controversial plans to build a mosque a few blocks from Ground Zero in NYC, Stewart first aired a series of clips that showed commentators claiming they believe in freedom of religion... only to add qualifiers for why an Islamic cultural center would be terrible for America.

Dick Morris even went so far as to call it a "terrorist command center." Such a statement may be even more unfounded that Sarah Palin's lack of First Amendment comprehension.

While acknowledging it's understandable for people to feel uncomfortable with the mosque, Stewart went off on Fox News when a guest on that network pulled out a highlighted index card and went about "proving" that the man behind the Islamic center is connected to Iran.

"It's a dangerous game of guilt by association that you can play with anyone," Stewart said. "It's 'six degrees of people who don't eat bacon.'"

To prove his point, the host used his own index card and displayed similar "facts" that connect News Corp owner Rupert Murdoch to Osama Bin Laden, prompting him to ask: "Is Fox News a terrorist command center? I don't know! I just don't know."



I have three beautiful Standard Poodle girls that would each like a new Martha Stewart bowl for when they tvrael! Thank you so much for the chance to win


Incidently, does it seem like a good idea to build a terrorist headquarters in a place where every major news organization is staring at them? Seems like a bad idea. Stupid terrorists.


We MUST return any and all things into being, that refer to God. Our country was founded on God. We
should not be changing to appease a group. We are the land of the FREE. It appears that the immigrants are getting everything changed to accomodate their beliefs, while we are ALLOWING them to take our beliefs and shit can them. HOW do we get things back to allowing OUR rights as Americans to be at the fore front?? Peaceably??
THEY can adjust their lives according to OUR beliefs. They have the RIGHT to believe their way. They will not be punished for believing their way...but they MUST allow us to keep and enact our rights and beliefs also.


He's a joke? Man what have you done lately except spread your hate, gimme a break all you religious people say you preach peace but if someone disagrees with you, you give logical fallacies and speak your hatred. I couldn't give a sh!t if the mosque is built I would rather have an America without any churches or mosques but I will defend your right to have one. I bet you're one of those conservatives who thinks Hollywood is evil but your savior Ronald Reagan just happened to be one of the biggest Hollywood stars ever so really you're a hypocrite and hate the fact not everyone in Hollywood shares your hatred and ignorance.


You know what to all of you-I am not religious and do not give a shit what is built and who goes where cuz it will happen whether or not I like it SO THERE!! I DON'T FUCKING CARE!!!


its amazing how many people get their 'news' from this useless tool. this guy is a joke. here's an idea: for all those who believe in obama (and voted for him) and get your news from hollywood, why don't all of you go live together. The rest of us will fend for ourselves.


I would like to see some dialogue regarding the building of this mosque taken a step beyond "Freedom of Religion" and being about the safety of the American people & security of our country. To say that Americans have no "right" or no reason to be leary of Muslims is ludicrous. I'm not saying any of the above is fact, I'm saying I would like to see the larger picture envisoned & discussed by more people, including the cable political news programs.


Monkey... try and think critically......its not a "PC" thing but a constituional one (and by the way Muslims were also murdered on 9/11).


@ Hilton Hate: Well as an AMERICAN this is my opinion whether or not anyone agrees with me. I don't give a shit that there are other mosques there already, so why do they have to build another one right there?? They are terrorist and just want to make a point because they know that our president and other here will support that because that is the PC thing to do! I do not support a group that hates us and wants us all to die but that's just my opinion. It will happen and great for them-don't give a flying fuck about those people! Hope the people who were affected on 9/11 and everyday after are all happy for them like you and everyone else! I guess just telling them that they can do that because of the constitution right will be enough.


so on that same topic of how people feel look at the pledge of allegance that is no longer said in school because of the on nation under god part. the usa as a whole supported and wanted the pledge to remain in school as its part of our heritage but we bowed down to the whims of a select minority who were offended by it. even though they were not even required to say it or participate... yet when the majority of americans feel betrayed and are aginst this mosque it seems for the most part because of wehre it would be that would make it offensive the majority once again are supposed to just give in to the minorty... are we a country that supports its people or the smallest group of whiners??

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