John Sala: Dating Vienna Girardi For Some Reason!

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Vienna Girardi's new John has been identified. He's John Sala, and he's apparently happy to be dating the former Bachelor winner. Better him than us!

The short-lived fiancee of Jake Pavelka was back on the L.A. scene Tuesday night with a new boyfriend in tow, one whose surname eluded us until now.

Vienna Girardi, Beaver

"Yes I'm dating and he is an amazing guy. I'm so happy!" she posted yesterday on Twitter. Here's a photo of the pair are at Soho House last night ...

John Sala is Vienna Girardi's new arm candy. Pity him.

According to sources who saw them at the French Connection Fall fashion party, Vienna Girardi and her new fella couldn't keep their hands off one another.

Who could resist her? Well, besides Jake Pavelka.

For the record, Vienna's rep confirms to E! that she "is dating someone and is very happy." As if she didn't make that clear, and yes, Vienna has a rep!

What do you think? Upgrade over Jake? Just using Vienna for 15 minutes of E-list fame? Will her dad approve? Any chance they're still dating by October 1?


WOW! i grew up with john sala, he really is an idiot. I mean, I can remember all the way back to kindergarten in specific, and just how stupid he really is! He's a complete loser, and regardless of what you guys think, feel bad for the girl! He has the IQ of most household weed killer! good luck! ugh .




I went to elementary school and high school with John not necessarily the sharpest tool in the shed haha see if she keeps him around.


I went to elementary school and high school with John not necessarily the sharpest tool in the shed haha see is she keeps him around.


I am sure this guy is long gone by now... who would blame him? Run John Run.... Don't look back and don't pass go. You have just enterd the Twilight Zone!


Obviously you care Lu because if you really didn't, you wouldn't waste your time with a comment.
Frankly, neither she or Jake (especially him) are not on my favorite people list. His attraction to her was obviously sexual AND I do beleive he did it for attention. Like he's a Mr. Do Gooder? Give me a break. He needs to grow up too. Just leave Vienna alone too. I really think she had feelings for Jake. Sure, she has some serious issues and if she wants to give it away that's her business. Tell me guys, you would seriously turn it down? Not many of you man whores would. Keep both she and Jake out of the lime light and see how long they last at any thing. If Jake did not have hidden reasons, why did they move to LA? Jake it arrogant and snide!!!


Guess this proves ya can't fix stupid!


He looks kinda gay like jake!!!!


Weird. He had ANOTHER girlfriend less than 3 weeks ago. What happened to his other "Florida Girl?"


I don't know who John Sala is but I know who Vienna Girardi is, you go girl!


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