Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar: Planning Baby #20?

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Arkansans Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have, obviously, always been open about their intentions to raise children - we're talking about a lot of children.

But the stars of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting faced near tragedy with their 19th child's premature birth, leading many observers to conclude that was it.

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Not so fast.

The couple, whose baby Josie Duggar was hospitalized for six months with a perforated bowel and rare digestive problems, are considering a 20th child.

"Our family is stronger than ever," Jim Bob Duggar, 45, and Michelle Duggar, 43, tell People in its new cover story. "We made it through the storm."

That's not to say it's an easy call. Born months early after Michelle's pregnancy-induced high blood pressure, Josie's life has been in danger throughout.

"When she first came home, I couldn't sleep at all," Michelle said. "That was the scariest part, the full responsibility of her care on my shoulders."

Similarly daunting are the medical risks Michelle could face with another pregnancy – particularly a return of preeclampsia (high blood pressure), which can lead to a fatal stroke or other awful scenarios. But the pair vow to stick to their beliefs.

"People think we are overpopulating the world," says Jim Bob, a real estate agent and former Arkansas State Legislature member, in response to critics of his large but debt-free family. "We are following our convictions."

Should Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have a 20th baby?


Do these kids have a mother now? The older girls take care of the kids. The older girls do all of the housework, all mom and dad do are breed.


I think if it is dangerous to Michelle's life then she should seriously rethink it, she could be leaving 19 other children without a mother and that would be worse than never having another child.


they can have how many children they want! It is a free contry! It is up to them if they want #20! The more the better because they are followers of christ and they can spread it!


Enough is enough already!! That last baby will need a lot of care, possibly for the rest of her life. Why on earth would the parents continue to have more kids? It's sick. Can't Jim Bob keep his pants zippered already. He almost acts perverted with Michelle, constantly fondling her like he's a love-starved teenager. If the docs said another pregnancy could be dangerous, then just STOP already!!!


I think this is enough. The Duggars already made an history so why should they think of another one. I hope she reads this, I want to enjoin her to stop and take care of the beautiful ones got at hand. She needs sound health and long life to enjoy her labour, why will she use it on a sickbed. Enough is enough. Listen to advice. It is well.


They are a very nice positive family. We can learn alot from them. However, baby Josie will need time and attention from doctors and parents. Not to mention if mom were to have high blood pressure during her pregnancy that's a huge not so wise risk. May God bless you Dugger family with wisdom and contentment with the number of children you have at this point so you can cherish them and enjoy them without the worries of sickness and the more pregnancies.




really? Why don't the parents just sit back and wait for their children have children. This is getting gross!


Very nicely said A. Warren and I an very sorry you had to go through that but glad you listen to the docs.! It is very selfish of the parents. They should try to not get pregnant and focus on the soccer team of a family they already have. Most of us are ever so lucky to have a child not to metion multiple children. Charish what you have and not what you wish for.


I understand their beliefs and respect them, to a certain extent. I draw the line when it comes to the life of the mother (and/or the future child in question). The Bible does say "be fruitful & multiply", which the Duggar's have done. But God also gave us brains to think with! If Michelle does become pregnant again (and God forbid) dies because of complications... I'd like know what she'd say to God when He asks her "Why didn't you listen to all the doctors, experts, etc., that I sent to you as a sign that 19 children was enough?" Like the Duggar's, I also suffered a miscarriage. It was devastating. It almost happened again with my youngest child. I had several complications and was advised by my OB/GYN to avoid another pregnancy as it could very well kill me. It's my responsibility to be the best parent possible to the child(ren) I already have. I can't do that if I'm dead!


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