Jesse James: Dating Kat Von D?!

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Is Jesse James already moving on ... with Kat Von D?

The motorcycle mogul, whose divorce from Sandra Bullock was finalized in June, was seen having dinner with fellow tattoo enthusiast and LA Ink star Kat Von D.

She's definitely his type ... well, at least the same type as the women he cheated on Sandra Bullock with. She's like a better looking, less insane Michelle McGee.

Settling into a table at Palms Casino Resort's N9NE in Vegas Saturday, the duo didn't bother spreading out in the booth, but got cozy sitting next to each other.

Wonder how Sandra and his kids feel about this ...

Kat Von D Naked

Are Kat Von D and Jesse James an item? We can see it ...

The two shared the restaurant's signature rock shrimp and classic Caesar salad. They also both enjoyed the filet with a side of asparagus, and drank Fiji water.

People magazine not only unearthed those incredible culinary details, but reports that toward the end of the meal, the tattooed duo were seen holding hands!

Sounds like more than a friendly dinner to us, right?

Kat, who even defended James and his mistress this spring, continued holding hands with him as they left and headed to a black Mercedes James was driving.

Watch out, Kat. He's on three ex-wives and at least that many mistresses at last count. That doesn't necessarily mean he'll cheat on you too ... but he so will.


I think that everyone should mind their own affairs..thats whats wrong with the world today.To many people worried about everyone else and not their own lives..Everyone acts like the care when something like this happens..If you really cared you wouldn't splatter their personal lives all over the net. And to the person that called them scumbags..I would like to see a picture of you..So the world can decide if your a scumbag..Tattoos do not make a person.Everyone always flips out when the find a star cheating..I mean give me a break..They are just normal people..they aren't perfect super hero..Dumb Ass...while your online making fun of someone else life..there is a good chance your husbands screwing someone else..Just get over..An I love Sandra..she is awesome....But jesse james and Kat Von D are cool people too...Bad things happen to good people..


Kat perfer women anyway. JJ needs to just move to Amsterdam and live in the red light district.


One good sleezbag deserves another sleezbag!


She was married than divorces-I think. I think she is currently dating Nikki. They just left Sweden together on 08/06/2010 and look very happy.


I thought Kat was married?? Um, did I miss something.


Maybe they deserve each other...How would she feel if she was in a commited relationship and he played around-would you defend his actions then...sounds like reality on both ends is screwed up!!!! Be strict in your personal life like you are about your business!!!! Dah!!!@!

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