Jesse James: Dating Kat Von D?!

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Is Jesse James already moving on ... with Kat Von D?

The motorcycle mogul, whose divorce from Sandra Bullock was finalized in June, was seen having dinner with fellow tattoo enthusiast and LA Ink star Kat Von D.

She's definitely his type ... well, at least the same type as the women he cheated on Sandra Bullock with. She's like a better looking, less insane Michelle McGee.

Settling into a table at Palms Casino Resort's N9NE in Vegas Saturday, the duo didn't bother spreading out in the booth, but got cozy sitting next to each other.

Wonder how Sandra and his kids feel about this ...

Kat Von D Naked

Are Kat Von D and Jesse James an item? We can see it ...

The two shared the restaurant's signature rock shrimp and classic Caesar salad. They also both enjoyed the filet with a side of asparagus, and drank Fiji water.

People magazine not only unearthed those incredible culinary details, but reports that toward the end of the meal, the tattooed duo were seen holding hands!

Sounds like more than a friendly dinner to us, right?

Kat, who even defended James and his mistress this spring, continued holding hands with him as they left and headed to a black Mercedes James was driving.

Watch out, Kat. He's on three ex-wives and at least that many mistresses at last count. That doesn't necessarily mean he'll cheat on you too ... but he so will.

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Kat vs sandra. Who cares they r both hot. What's ur preference. Jesse will continue to do what he wants. And as far as u upperclass idiots. Remember who fights our wars. Sure ain't ur rich ass. Usmc


i thought she was still dateing nicki maybe she is cheating ha


what a pair. Are they from Freaks R Us? What a pair of jokers, losers, and complete idiots. hahahahaha


I thought that Kat was still with Nicki Six? Since I'm a fan of LA Ink and have watched Kat go through men like melted butter!I hope she finds the right guy or girl that she can be happy with. As far as Jesse...hummmm once a cheater always a cheater....sorry folks but it's a proven fact. I do wish him the best as well. Everyone deserves to be happy either alone or with someone else. I have no bad or unkind words for anyone. It's none of my business who dates who etc..It's so sad that so many people feel so personal about complete srangers. I am a firm believer that karma can be a real kick in the pants... just look at Tiger Woods.. that guy is suffering in all areas of his life...sad that the real losers are the kids in both families. These two men and so many others are teaching our kids that's it's alright to be dishonest, cheaters etc.. with people who they are suppose to love and care about so much.


I knew it wouldnt take him long too show his true colors,and so did Sandra. She made a huge mistake with this freak. But she learned a big lesson fom it. And has now moved on.


I bet Kat Von D is far better in bed than the icy cold Bullock. The "Vanilla Gorilla" has go to get him some. Ladies, if you want to try to keep your man, don't let him go without great sex, as did Bullock.


why are you calling Kat Von D a sleazeball?? Because of the way she looks?? DO U KNOW HER??? How can you pass judgement on someone because of the way they look??? GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!


omG !!! He must be so depressed.... obviously he's slumming. He's gone from shopping at Neiman Marcus .... to digging through the Bargain Bin at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Kudos to Sandra for kicking him to the curb... see what he found in the gutter!!!


now Kat is more his type.
this is a good choice for Jesse.
i thought he was out of his element
with Sandra whom i also admire.
people just have to find the right match.
wish all 3 of them the best.


Sandra is a higher class of a human being. This is called lower class people who should be together.