Jesse James and Kat Von D: Kissing Passionately

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Jesse James and Kat Von D are totally just friends. As in friends with benefits. Well, unless he kisses all his friends passionately, which we suppose is possible.

In Las Vegas Sunday, the motorcycle mogul checked out "BODIES: The Exhibition" at the Luxor Hotel & Casino with his tattoo artist / L.A. Ink star companion.

The twosome were "holding hands the whole time" during their visit, an eyewitness says, but that wasn't all. We're talking straight up mauling going on here.

According to an observer, Jesse James and Kat Von D "shared a passionate kiss" in the "circulatory room" of the exhibit. Guess we can't say "get a room" ...

Says the witness: James "stood behind her and was hugging her from behind." Ooh, better watch out, Kat. That's how it all starts, right Michelle McGee?

Jesse James and Kat Von D

Jesse James. Kat Von D. It was bound to happen.

Kat Von D (real name Katherine von Drachenberg) evidently had a great time. Before exiting, she signed the guest book, writing, "Completely mind-blowing!"

Imagine what she had to say about the Vanilla Gorilla after!

Despite this and other reported sightings of the affectionate pair in Vegas and West Hollywood, Von D's rep insists "They're just friends - that's all."

James' five-year marriage to Sandra Bullock famously imploded after his affair with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, a tattooed stripper, came to light.

Back in May, Kat came out and defended McGee and other tattooed women, saying "You can't judge a book by its cover" and positing that "there has always been a negative stigma surrounding tattoos, especially on women."

Mistresses who help guys cheat on popular movie stars, then cash in on the story for their 15 minutes tend to carry a certain stigma too, of course.


I'm a romantic at heart. I hope this is all just so much BS. I really want he and Sandra to get back together.Jesse please try to stay respectful for a time, if this mess is true.


Total dirt bags...both of them..! Feel sorry for Sandra...but so glad that she is a strong woman...and saw him for what he really is.....! So long Jesse...cause if you ever thought you had a chance...Uh....doubt you do now....and as if you should nasty ass man...!!!


I do recall women saying that he has a big "joy stick".


I am so very glad that Sandra dumped him! What a loser! He and her belong together trash is trash! It is a shame that when a man tells a woman they love her and only her and even though it might or might not work out 4 months later there they are with another girl and act like love is nothing! I guess women look at things differently. I am just glad that Sandra dumped him when she did.


This guy is about as attractive as a mutt dog! He must be terribly charming or have lots of hidden talents because no one I know would turn a head to look at him except to maybe make fun of him. Her? She's just a piece of trash taking advantage of the publicity - afterwards? Who cares! Once trash, always trash. You can take the boy out of the trash, but you can't take the trash out of the boy and that is what happened in this case. He just went back to his true upbringing!


You cannot judge a book by it's cover however one that looks like it fell on the floor, got trampled on by ten million dirty shoes; then the dog peed on it well I wouldn't want to pick it up and 'read' it. You go Jesse this is about the best you can do with the rest of your sorry life.




am i the only one who finds it disturbing that they were making out in the middle of a BODIES exhibit?? seriously, if that is what turns you on and makes you want to make out, you have ISSUES. That is not the time or place to maul anyone.

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