Jennifer Aniston: Stealing Brad Pitt Back!

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Angelina Jolie's worst nightmare.

Jennifer Aniston's ultimate revenge.

OK! Magazine's worst cover in .. weeks!

This bogus story (that Us also ran last month) begins with a harrowing night for Jen. On what would have been her 10th wedding anniversary with Brad Pitt, July 29, the actress spoke with Jay Leno before millions of Tonight Show viewers.

What was going through her mind? Her latest movie? The weather? Try a calculated, diabolical scheme to enact vengeance on that B!TCH who stole Brad Pitt from her and reclaim him for herself at long, long last. Mwahahahaha!

Stealing Back Brad!

Ten years after she married him, Jen will reclaim what's hers!

“It was an emotional day for her,” a source says of July 29. “She put on a brave front.” So brave. Little did anyone know what she had up her sleeve.

At 41, Jen looks better than ever, and it’s no accident. Insiders say Jennifer is looking to snare Brad with late-night calls, gifts and private meetings.


Not remotely true, but CAPS LOCK really moves magazines apparently. We're just surprised OK! didn't pin the Angelina Jolie drug photos on Jen.


I said it once and I will say it again.....Jen's rabid/obsessed fanbase are the reason the tabloids keep writing these RIDICULOUS/FAKE story lines.Are these fools aware of the fact that 2011 is around the corner?How many years are you idiots going to pine for a Reunion that will NEVER happen.2011 will roll around, Angelina and Brad will most likely be adding another additon...and Jen? She will still be alone and childless and her freak fan's will be none to happy about it,lol.


Jay Leno was limited to what to ask her because she doesn't have a personal life. Everyone else is gettng married, engaged and having kids. I think the only thing she felt bad about is not trying hard enough in her marriage to Brad thinking that she didn't have to. She thought Brad would stay with her while she just kept working and not giving him the kids that he longed for. There was even an episode in Friends where she was pregnant as if Brad thought she would have his child at that time and work it into Friends. She's too self-centered.

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