Jennifer Aniston: Stealing Brad Pitt Back!

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Angelina Jolie's worst nightmare.

Jennifer Aniston's ultimate revenge.

OK! Magazine's worst cover in .. weeks!

This bogus story (that Us also ran last month) begins with a harrowing night for Jen. On what would have been her 10th wedding anniversary with Brad Pitt, July 29, the actress spoke with Jay Leno before millions of Tonight Show viewers.

What was going through her mind? Her latest movie? The weather? Try a calculated, diabolical scheme to enact vengeance on that B!TCH who stole Brad Pitt from her and reclaim him for herself at long, long last. Mwahahahaha!

Stealing Back Brad!

Ten years after she married him, Jen will reclaim what's hers!

“It was an emotional day for her,” a source says of July 29. “She put on a brave front.” So brave. Little did anyone know what she had up her sleeve.

At 41, Jen looks better than ever, and it’s no accident. Insiders say Jennifer is looking to snare Brad with late-night calls, gifts and private meetings.


Not remotely true, but CAPS LOCK really moves magazines apparently. We're just surprised OK! didn't pin the Angelina Jolie drug photos on Jen.


She so confident with her plastic body? Brad won't go back to her because she going down to the hill. Grow up Jen. Man hate plastic


Jen get better with botox and collagen., etc...It's fake Some day those chemical going to shed down then she will look terrible. Plastic is temporary. She can't depend on it forever. No way Brad back to her the Hollywood whore slept with a string of Hollywood guys and the body full of cheicals.


that bitch! she should've gotten over it! i can see that she's too selfish and spoiled. she wouldn't get that Angelina Joile and Brad Pitt has children. innocent children! if i were one of those kids, i would hate jen! i would've ruinned her revenge. i hope that the bitch would just back off! i don't care if Angelina stole Brad from her! they have kids now! jen should back off and find someone else to steal! revenge isn't a good thing at all! jen should go to hell! and guess how old i am, i'm 12 years old! and i learned all those words from jen. that's right. she's a bad role model. i hate jen so much!


if anyone is putting it out, it's jen's camp.
the ugliert pople in the world.


Starr said it right. Jen is so self-centered she knew Brad Pitt wanted children but her career came first her feeling was Brad could put and shut up, as the saying goes act in haste repent in leisure, look at all those beautiful actresses that is married and have children, Shiloh could have been hers she looks just like Brad Pitt.


Get over it already, bitches.


@RUkiddin Thankyou she has moved on and i am sure she was hurt. But we all have been dumped but we move on and she sure has.


Have you ever been hurt by someone you trusted? As far as I can tell from the "tabloids" she is moving on, but it still has to hurt. You all forget that AJ was known....KNOWN....for pursing the leading man! It takes two to tango and those two will pay in the end!


Thank you. You are the first blog that isn't hating all over Jennifer Aniston. The only thing that woman has done @jennypoo is moved on with her life. She has never spoken ill of either one of them. She has carry herself like a lady with dignity and respect.


I truly feel sorry for her. She made her bed by being the worst dumpee in hollywood history by going in to a victmhood that lasted 6+ years. I am not surprise they come up with this kind of cover stories when EVERYTIME SHE HAS ANOTHER CRAPY ROMCOM OUT. It is that time of the year. She truly deserve to be laughed at.

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