Jennifer Aniston Says Retard on TV

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Jennifer Aniston was just discussing her Barbara Streisand-inspired Harper's Bazaar photo shoot on Live with Regis and Kelly when everything went haywire.

Dropping the r-bomb will do that.

Already the subject of criticism from Bill O'Reilly, who called her destructive to society for remarks about single parenting, Jen has a new group mad at her.

First, Regis remarked "You played dress up!" Jen's reply? "I do it for a living, like a retard." Laughter? Crickets? Peter Burns, CEO of The Arc, a nonprofit advocate for disabled persons, found it "extraordinarily offensive and inappropriate."

Think she crossed the line? Here's the clip:

"Frankly, someone in her position ought to know better," he said. "She is using language that is offensive to a large segment of the population in this country."

Of the five million mentally disadvantaged people in the U.S., and many millions more with friends and family members who suffer from such obstacles, he said:

"Every time folks hear that word, it kind of reminds them of all the discrimination and oppression... Even if it wasn't intended to insult them, that is the effect of it."

Good luck stealing Brad back after this debacle, Jen.

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oh my god!!! people, we have freedom of speech! she didn't mean anything towards anyone specific! Tell me you have never said something that someone could have used it in a wrong way and you didn't mean it that way towards one person or group. Really? As far as the lady who isn't a Jen fan,you are DUMB, you can't even spell the word right! Stupid! now a days we can't say anything w/o someone complaining...just like when black people say niger all the time. why is it ok for them to use it, but not anyone else..that to me is discriminative! when its ok for group of people to do it but not another. Get over yourselfs...she wasn't doing anything wrong.


get over it already it's just a word she used about herself she didnt call anyone a retard. she is a star so lets all jump on her well sometimes i act like a retard so come slam on me now....piss off everyone is human and says and does things in there life thats others might not think are "right" fredom of speech people we are in AMERICA.


Give me a break guys, so what if she uses the word retard, she did not mean it that content. I sometimes use that word too!. just because she is famous everyone is pinning her ass on this, leave her alone! The people who are actually offended by it are not the person with the disability, its the so call normal people who makes it a big deal. They must be that bored...


I find the spelling and grammar mistakes of the people responding to Jennifer Aniston's use of "retard" more offensive. Is this what texting and emailing is doing to our society? Where did these people go to school?????????


PAlease! If she said, "Mentally Challenged" as opposed to retard, which is has been a slang for many years now, who cares. I dont. Its not different from people saying, "that is so GAY" I dont see anyone getting up in arms over that one. The PC world really is getting quite OLD already. Lighten up people. She didnt mean it as in the "Special" people, as they say, or the "Mentally Challenged. She meant it as simple slang. But it also seems OK when rap singers use the word ""Bitch" and the "N" word in their music? IS it? Hell, I dont even listen to rap


She didn't meen it in a bad way I love her always have always will. You go Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All you people defending Jennifer are her fans, I am not a fan of her and never will as she get older she gets DUMDER THAN DUMD, AND I AM OFFENDING HER, I have a deaf child the pain i endure when others will call him RETARD, you cannot describe, only a mother would know, this women to say this word, tells me Jennifer disregard, the value of intellectual with needs, I don't care if she regard herself, as a RETARD, you still look to people as you look at them in your young age. She has OFFENDED women, men, and now children, this is AMERICA SWEET HEART you all need a reality check with this women, because she does not REPESENT THE AMERICAN WAY, we are a country of people with compassion, that is who we are, if this word is in your mind then you have no compassion.


N Ellen then you were not a real fan! people are human! i bet you have said something you wished you could take back. i think we all have.


let's be real! all of us have said things that we wished we didn't!. she wasn't talking about anyone but herself. for angelove - to me it is far worse to call your child a blob, or goofy or forget a child while doing a seat down interview with no cameras or people around except the interviewer. we are human! however, we all are humans and need to learn how to forgive! jen and angie and us!


"you know, if you keep bullying everyone around with vocabulary and though police, pretty soon you will find there is a backlash and people will be UNWILLING TO SUPPORT WHATEVER YOUR CAUSE OR GROUP IS. people get fed up with all this crap about 'you can't use this word' or 'you can't say that or think that because its not allowed'...freedom of speech is something everyone is entitled to. so STEP OFF!!!!!!!!!!" Applause to you, couldn't have said it better myself. Somehow society managed to function prior to a time when the thought police existed. Years ago in America, everyone wasn't OFFENDED by every little last thing that was said or thought. Frankly, I'm offended by the inability of modern Americans to deal with other people's differing opinions and thoughts and words. Should I insist that we stop using the word "offended" because I find it so offensive?