Jennifer Aniston Says Retard on TV

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Jennifer Aniston was just discussing her Barbara Streisand-inspired Harper's Bazaar photo shoot on Live with Regis and Kelly when everything went haywire.

Dropping the r-bomb will do that.

Already the subject of criticism from Bill O'Reilly, who called her destructive to society for remarks about single parenting, Jen has a new group mad at her.

First, Regis remarked "You played dress up!" Jen's reply? "I do it for a living, like a retard." Laughter? Crickets? Peter Burns, CEO of The Arc, a nonprofit advocate for disabled persons, found it "extraordinarily offensive and inappropriate."

Think she crossed the line? Here's the clip:

"Frankly, someone in her position ought to know better," he said. "She is using language that is offensive to a large segment of the population in this country."

Of the five million mentally disadvantaged people in the U.S., and many millions more with friends and family members who suffer from such obstacles, he said:

"Every time folks hear that word, it kind of reminds them of all the discrimination and oppression... Even if it wasn't intended to insult them, that is the effect of it."

Good luck stealing Brad back after this debacle, Jen.


Really lady the poem - so not neccessary! If u have time to type all that u obviously have no life either.


Jen wasn't using the 'r' word to refer to someone who is intellectually challenged. It is the viewers making that association, not Jen.


Ms. Anniston's comments, while self depricating were demeaning and insulting to many people. She was comparing what she does for a living to something that an intellectually disabled person might be able to accomplish in a belittling manner. It shows immaturity and naivity on her part. Anyone who knows and loves a person with such a condition wants to lift them up and help them and not put down their accomplishments and hurt their feelings.


As a mother of a 33 year old profoundly mentally retarded person, I am not the least bit offended when someone uses the word "retarded" as Ms. Aniston did. Jeeze, I wish people would quit being so hypersensitive about every little jot and tittle. It's getting to where you can't even breathe without someone getting upset about it. As far as I'm concerned it's the INTENT behind the word, and I find nothing mean spirited concerning Ms. Aniston's comment.


Thousands dead in Chinese floods. Tens of thousand affected by Middle Eastern flooding, left without food, shelter of fresh water. Weak economy, jobless rates jump. Jennifer Aniston calls herself a retard. OH! Let's go with that problem! Perspective, people. Let's focus on real issues. Ms. Aniston is just in the spotlight because of the kerfuffle with O'Righteous on Fox. We all need to stop taking ourselves so serious. Also, I highly doubt that any mentally handicapped person gives a crap about this, just like the whole Sarah Palin vs. Family Guy incident. We say they're regular people and then we treat them with kid gloves because WE get offended by something. I don't think they want us to treat them equally and then slap them across the face with our self-loathsome pity.


Why is she pushed out in front of the camera anyway. She can't talk for putting her foot in her mouth all the time. She hasn't
the grace to speak publicly. She is obviously a chatterbox who
doesn't think--that's why she can't find a man, she can't even hold on to a boyfriend. She was EASY for Angie to steal Brad
'cause he was already looking. She ate the same salad at lunch for 10 yrs. while doing friends, goes to the same vacation every yr., lives mostly on the Friends reruns, the rest of her films are duds,shows off her legs in a mini w/the tops of her thigh hi's showing and if after all this she "sneaks" around to see Brad she must be an idiot! She was career minded w/Brad , not kid minded until he has 6. The girl is nuts!!!We know she wouldn't want a mentally challenged child-wonder what else lurks
there? I for one am tired of seeing her!!!!!!!!


To some people it is as offensive for someone to use the word "retard" as it is to use the "n" word to describe a person or a behavior. There are quite a few people who have lost their jobs because they used the "n" word. Explain the difference please.


and if your retard kids called someone a fag, you wouldn't say word one. if i can let it go, so can you.


Nothing went haywire. She wasn't calling someone a retard. She was allowing herself to be human. That is a positive quality. Not a negative one. If she had called someone in the audience a name then that person (and only that person) could be offended if they chose to be. Freedom of speech is available to all whether they are giving a speech, talking to friends, interviewing on TV, praying in school, writing on Facebook.


I an so sick of everything having to be politically correct. So what if she said "retarded" about HERSELF? Cracks me up that ppl get more upset over slang expressions than they do the f-bomb. But we gotta be PC, right? They are even outlawing peanut butter in lunches, in some schools, because there might be ONE kid who is allergic to it. THAT is retarded too.I am not speaking of anyone with a mental condition, I am referring to a school rule.

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