Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer: Back on Again?

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Jennifer Aniston’s controversial comments about single parenting and use of the word retard on live TV have both raised eyebrows in recent weeks.

She's been criticized by Bill O'Reilly and countless others over the two incidents. Well, it's time to focus on more important matters - her love life!

Despite claims earlier this week the actress is dating a wealthy European banker, Britain’s Daily Mirror says Aniston has hooked back up with ...

... wait for it ...

... that douchebag John Mayer! Again!

MANISTON: Reloaded and hotter than ever!?

“John invited Jen to come out and meet him while he was in Manhattan,” a source told the tabloid. “He told her he wanted to see her and even paid for a private jet to fly her from LA. They spent hours in his suite at the Four Seasons."

We know what that means. No one goes to John Mayer's suite for conversation. But will Jen fall for his tricks, only to be burned by him again? “Jen’s been hurt by him before and isn’t prepared to go public with the relationship just yet.”

This news comes amid reports of Jen meeting with a surrogate.

“Jennifer has spent the last few months discreetly looking into the technicalities,” a source said. "She has been holding private meetings with prospective women."

"We think she’s narrowed it down to her final two."

Bet you Octomom would do it for the right price ...


First of all I disagree with the comment placed by juniper and Sarifina. You both are jealous and need to eat your words. John and Jen look great together.I think he really loves her. What I like about him is he is up front with the truth.I don't read a lot about him and some other women all the time. I don't feel that he is a player. Give Jen a break she has gone through a lot behind her breakup in her marriage. I know how it feels to love your husband and some other women like jolie steals your man and then loads him down with children to keep him.I believe that Brad was going through a male crises. I bet today if he had the opportunity to start over he would think twice. Good luck to Jen and John


i think jen is a class-A act. She did handle herself with tremendous dignity through a very painful split with brad pitt. It would have been very difficult for any woman to go through such a breakup and in the public eye. She came through it slightly devastated to say the least but with total class and dignity. It is not necesary for jen and john mayer to be a couple. They have their personality differences but hopefully remain great friends. we wish them the very best in their own lives.


jen aniston and john mayer look stunning together. She is gorgeous and he is gorgeous, one gorgeous couple to say the least!!!! I would love to see it work out for them as a couple. He is so talented. I love his music and his style. His rendition of "Human Nature" on behalf of Michael Jackson was absolutely outstanding on the guitar. It was so well done by Mayer. It took my breath away. He is the best. And Jen, she is such a great comedic actress. I would love to see her do more dramatic, meatier roles. She has the talent to do both comedy and serious drama. And she has a body which any woman would love to have. Nice work, Jen!! Her body is truly 'a wonderland'. Lucky girl!!


Jen is the best.


The r word was just a word. We all use it and not one of us would want to offend the special needs. Who would. She is a wonderful person with a great heart. She has kept her dignity throughout her whole ordeal. Never said any unkind words about anyone. So give her a break.


I actually like this guy. In interviews he is just great. I have a husband who is younger and had trouble committed now 15 years later totally comitted and totally in love. and the lovemaking best in the world. Give this couple a new chance. Jen will be very happy with this guy. She was before. He just needed time to grow up and realize how much he loves her.


[she can't do better! inside knowledge she is just as shallow and conceited as he is! she is very phoney and has an overflated ego just like him.


she is one ugly woman who has to have attention 24/7 and he is one ugly oily freak who has to have attention 24/7. they are the perfect pair of pricks!




When is it my turn? God help perents with daughters not to see her as a role model

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