Jacqueline Laurita: Why We Hate Danielle Staub

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Danielle Staub is a former drug dealing prostitute who spends her time on The Real Housewives of New Jersey surrounded by bodyguards with guns, lashing out at her castmates. She's also stalking them.

In other words: there are plenty of reasons to dislike this reality star. But Jacqueline Laurita has broken it down very simply for readers.

Firey Housewives

"She had a mission to destroy people," Laurita told People of her co-star's behavior on season two of the Bravo hit. "There was stuff going on that we didn’t talk about because it would draw too much attention to it. If we addressed the lies she was spreading, it [would] keep it going.”

Jacqueline's 19-year old daughter, Ashley, had her own run-in with Danielle during a country club brawl a few episodes ago.

Laurita says she “didn’t always like” how she came off during the show - but that doesn't mean she won't return for season three.

“I would do another season. It’s a chance for you to see yourself as others see you. It’s a growing, learning experience,” she says. “I’m hoping Ashley will see some of how she acts. I see it in myself. When I saw myself being bitter it bothered me.”

Jacqueline also pretty much admits the show is scripted, concluding: "For me it’s a job. It’s entertainment. It’s a show that’s doing very well and we’re doing well."


Talk about a kid with no light in their eyes-have you looked at Ashley, Auntie Caroline? And by light I mean brain waves. What a waste of skin. D U M B. Run, Derek, run! I realize that her dim mother had plenty to do with how she turned out-watching mommy reproduce for an income surely didn't teach her much, but good grief girl-an arrest warrant is something to be concerned about, not proud of. "Jackleen" also acts more like a snotty sister than a mother a lot of the time. This whole bunch is extra dumb. And I can't wait for Reunion Part Two.


Bella, 'scripted' is a term that can be loosely applied. It may be as simple as telling people where to stand while doing a scene set up, or directing them not to mention a certain subject during filming. The show is, to me, very obviously scripted. Do you think these people just come and go about their business with a film and sound crew in tow, on a whim? Not happening.


I used to like Jacqueline.Not anymore,she's always got her nose up Teresas'ahole,and she "acts" like she is scared to death of her own husband and his family.She is a WIMP.....


Stop hanging out with classless Teresa and maybe you have a chance to grow.


I don't see anywhere in her quotes a clear admittance that the show is scripted, she only says that it is a job, which it is. They are paid to have cameras follow them around in their daily lives, as are all reality show participants...and if these shows are scripted, it would appear that Production would have a LOT to explain to the Screenwriter's Guild because there are no records of their members writing for these shows or union dues being paid which is a big no-no in the film industry. Bravo by definition as a network is a union player with everyone on the productions having card credentials except for the reality show subjects themselves, so I'm not buying the "scripted tv" allegations at all. Do I think some cast members turn up the drama for good tv and to ensure that they'll return in each season opener, YES. But I'm not sold on the Housewives franchise being anything other than a ship of fools who have no concept that they will be captured on film forever, as such.


They all gang up on poor Danielle. If Danielle gets canned there is no reason to watch this show at all.


stop lying and you wont need to pay so many legal fees


Wait, I'm confused here. She states that to watch her behaviour on the show again after the fact is a learning experience, and it shows her how she can improve when reacting to difficult situations. Then, she says (basically, of course) that the show is scripted. So, she learns to change her poor behaviour, even though that behaviour is scripted? She looks back on episodes and is ashamed of the way she reacted at times, though the way she reacted was shot multiple times to make it perfect for the producers? I don't know how one could be ashamed of the way they react when the reaction was ACTING. And don't say you didn't address the lies Danielle was spreading because it would draw too much attention to it. That's what this show is. You and the other housewives getting into ridiculous cat fights with Danielle because of what she's 'done' to you (even though, again, she's simply read her script, as you have).

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