Jacqueline Laurita: Why We Hate Danielle Staub

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Danielle Staub is a former drug dealing prostitute who spends her time on The Real Housewives of New Jersey surrounded by bodyguards with guns, lashing out at her castmates. She's also stalking them.

In other words: there are plenty of reasons to dislike this reality star. But Jacqueline Laurita has broken it down very simply for readers.

Firey Housewives

"She had a mission to destroy people," Laurita told People of her co-star's behavior on season two of the Bravo hit. "There was stuff going on that we didn’t talk about because it would draw too much attention to it. If we addressed the lies she was spreading, it [would] keep it going.”

Jacqueline's 19-year old daughter, Ashley, had her own run-in with Danielle during a country club brawl a few episodes ago.

Laurita says she “didn’t always like” how she came off during the show - but that doesn't mean she won't return for season three.

“I would do another season. It’s a chance for you to see yourself as others see you. It’s a growing, learning experience,” she says. “I’m hoping Ashley will see some of how she acts. I see it in myself. When I saw myself being bitter it bothered me.”

Jacqueline also pretty much admits the show is scripted, concluding: "For me it’s a job. It’s entertainment. It’s a show that’s doing very well and we’re doing well."

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I hate Danielle also she is a piece of shit skank, her daughters are way more grown up the she is, you have to ask your daughters if you should do certain things?? your the adult, you should be setting an example for your kids, everyone else on the show you are all the best!! glad you got rid of Danielle, love you guys


Where a little behind on the show down here in Australia i only just finish watching the last episode.


I can not beleive what i am hearing All you people sticking up for Danielle are DELLUSIONAL' Didnt you all just watch the last season' Danielle couldnt handle the fact that the other housewives wanted no more to do with her, She was the one that was obssesed with them and she turned it around on to them. "Rejection" she couldnt handle being rejected the fact that none of the ladies wanted any more to do with her got at her- and i wouldnt be surprised if alot of these comments are danielle stating to be other people'Grow up and just admit you acted like a CLOWN.
You brought alot of it on yourself Danielle- And Caroline you are such a great mum to your kids you have done well, and your family are all so lucky to have you. that' And one more thing your as staunchness as they come


Too all the housewives except Danielle, You all horrify me. You are the worst hypocrites. You gang up and beat up this woman Danielle Staub. She is what she is, but YOU, you have zero class and are no better than her. I know you claim to be Catholics right...well then why don't you listen to Jesus teaching when he says Hypocrite! take the plank out of your own eye before you attempt to remove the speck from someone else's. Especially you Caroline, you are the worst of all. Honestly, I cannot stand your holier than thou attitude. Give it a break would you. And you Jacqueline, you are an narcissistic brat. You're all cheap classless brats. I cannot watch your show. I've tried, but I feel dirty when I do.


Jacqueline is completely OBSESSED with Danielle. She even had to bring her up on The Fashion Show. C'mon... she lives to talk about Danielle and then acts like, "Oh, Danielle is obsessed with us." Shut up about her, then.


I think Danielle Staub is obsessed with Jacqueline, Teresa, Caroline and Dina (formerly). I have not once seen any real bodily harm done to her in either season. She really does play victim and tries to make her other cast-mates look like the Mafia. She brings ex-convicts to civilized functions, stalks Caroline's functions and on top of things NEVER stops talking to her friends about all the wrongs that have been done to her!!! I mean honestly, the women needs to get a job (because her music career will never launch) and find something valuable to pass her time with. All the best to the other cast-mates. Love all of you - minus the wacko.


Teresa you are truly an ugly woman inside and out. You look almost reptilian, with your eyes almost on the sides of your empty head. Remember you phony ball of fluff a nutter....What goes around comes around.


I agree with Teresa. We Colombians don't take shit from other women! I was offered to do amas de casa desesperadas in espanol but turned it down because they wanted me naked all the time. I watch when I'm not chooting my show and that Danielle for sure is a whore! But if they make the big screen movie I would loveeeeeeee to play Daniela!! You hear Mr. Spielberg? I am considered like Meryl Streep in South America! I am perfect to play the whore! I am too eskiny for Carolina and la Jacquelina bores me so much! Teresa is not for me, her style is too much ugly and ordinary, she from the streets. Please vote for me to play Daniela!!!! Besos!!!!


Maggie honey, you need a lobotomy!!! Yes, I am a nice person and you are a filthy whore!!!! Whore!!!! Don't you dare mention my family!! I have a daughter that's an actress and a supermodel in training. You are the dirty mouthed moron!! Use your time wisely instead of watching " trash" you piece of trash!!!! I hate Danielle because she is a prostitution whore and because she preys on married men but now she is a lesbian so I think she now wants me!! I don't blame the bitch, I am rich, young, exotic, beautiful and have everything that she doesn't. I was just offered to pose for playboy and I might do it, to show you all whores what a real Italian C... Is!!!!! Take that Prostitution whore!! Or is bitch better Maggie??!!


Teresa: The reason you hate Danielle is because you see yourself in her and that scares you. Both of you are loud, dirty-mouthed morons. I think that unconsciously, you would also love to do pole-dancing. You are constantly referring to yourself as a "nice person" as if by saying it a hundred times, the audience will believe you. Not. I feel deeply sorry for all the children involved, who when they come of age, will surely see these videos of their mothers embarrassing words and actions. I really hope the money you're making on this show is worth the legacy you'll leave for your children. Think of this...one day you will be the "Mother of the Bride" and hopefully a "Grandma" and I hope you're proud of the reputation you have sealed for yourself. Maggie Mae.

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