Is Fantasia Pregnant with Antwaun Cook's Baby?!?

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While Fantasia Barrino is out making the media rounds, promoting her new album and explaining her suicide attempt, she may also be having cravings for sushi.

That's because a report in The National Enquirer says the singer is pregnant. The baby daddy? Her married boyfriend Antwaun Cook.

Rocking the Palms

Insiders tell the tabloids that this is what Fantasia has wanted all along. It will ensure she'll end up with the man at the center of a divorce and sex tape scandal.

“She’s about three months along, and it’s definitely Antwaun’s baby,” a family friend says. “Right now she can’t show how happy she is in public - but she’s absolutely thrilled. Fantasia got what she wanted. She feels Antwaun will have to marry her now.”

Just a couple weeks ago, Fantasia overdosed on pills and was rushed to the hospital.

Since then, she's been filmed by reality TV cameras hanging out with Cook and made multiple TV appearances within days of the incident, claiming she really did want to die. Skeptics wonder if this is all related to garnering publicity for her CD, however.

If she was aware of a pregnancy at the time of the overdose, it would lend credence to that theory - or prove that Fantasia is in need of serious help.

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She needs help.he needs help.the wife needs help.a baby is not going to solve anything.


omg if she iz pregnant by him she gud cuz he fine az that thing n everbody sayin she a homewrecker she not she jst gt wt was haz..........beeutiful_flaws


Remember young lady, what this man has done to his wife, he will surely do to you and more. Payback is a bit...


ii mean she really cant help who she love but a baby is somethin to be happy for Cook knew he was married y he even tryed to be wit ha its time for everyone to grow da hell up its a child coming in dis world so someone needs to be ready da ex-wife needs to fall back cause if she was dont wat she need to at home den Cook wouldnt have to find someone else for da job Fantasia keep yo head up and let yo haters hate cause dats wat they do best


(4real 4real she not pregnant and she shouldnt have a child by anotha man that didnt ask her to marry him.. he handsome yes but the wrong thng to dew is get married and have a babii !! she dewin to gud at this moment )


I just want to say to you Fantasia,you are truly one in a million,your very beautiful and talented,keep your head held high and look to the future,keep your faith in GOD and with knowing that he is on your side and knowing that he is a forgiving GOD and is the only one that can judge you,oh well you made a mistake so what,who haven't we are not perfect,and have all fell short of his glory,and for all the haters keep hating because you will never be the woman Fantasia are. your just jealous of where Fantasia is today considering where she came from instead of hating on her you all should be uplifting her in spirit,anyway Fantsia keep doing you and be happy while doing it,and to all the haters from Carla and Fantasia ROGER THAT!!!!!!


I think everyone shld leave fantasia alone..ppl kill me how they want to talk abt celebrities..if she waa an average person then nobody wld even care abt what she did..worry abt yourselves..Fantasia u have a song called "im doing me"..keep on doing u girl


wow, 4 real everybody needs to mind there own bussiness. fantasia has come a long way by the grace of God and instead of yall haters trying to tear her down yall should be trying to bulid her up. In the bible were no called to judge anyone, because we all have dirt in our lifes. who cares what shes doing? shes a grown ass woman who is beatiful and liveing her life for her and her child. so as fans or what ever yall call yall selfs to her stop trying to stael her joy! back up and stop hateing on her. the same way that she got to the top, you can do the same. peace and blessing


wow and how many of those american idols have issues so please nobody is perfect and its her life u same people judging her about her choices i hope ur ass dnt have any problems cause yal be the main ones whit a dang opinion about other people maybe if u worried about u and not her so much she wouldnt be so dang stress live ur life that is y its ur life shit if brittany can have some fucked up moments so can fantasia so fall back


i love fantasia so much in i wish that ur life well get better my name is shadeyla jackson i a student at booker t. washington high school in tuskegee al i well like to meet u one day because i love u and love how u sing . . .. . . .. LOVE U FANTASIA IM OUT

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