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Taylor Lautner is a spoiled rich brat. Why would anyone in the REAL WORLD sue an RV company because they were late for $300,000!!!!! He is a spoiled brat where if he doesn't get what he wants right away he will do whatever he wants to get even. He has thousands of dollars already from the movies he has been in so why on earth would he need more? I do think it is funny that the owner of the RV company made that challenge with him. So Taylor a word of advice LET HIM WIN!!! Because i don't see you doing anything with you'r money to help out children who are sick,in pain, and dying because there is not enough money.
Honestly Taylor you think you can do whatever you want just because you'r in movies? Well grow up because nobody gets what they want in life all the time, and if they did then Hitler would have won the fricken war! So grow up!

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