Idiot Challenges Taylor Lautner to Push-Up Contest

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Taylor Lautner has sued a RV dealership for $300,000 because it failed to deliver the actor's custom trailer to the set of his new movie on time.

That's not exactly a laughable sum of money, but the owner of McMahon's RV in Irvine, CA clearly finds it hilarious. He's responded to the lawsuit by offering a settlement... over push-ups!

We get it, Taylor Lautner, you're very strong. Now put those guns away!

Brent McMahon says he'll vigorously defend himself against the breach of contract charge if Lautner turns him down - but, first, he's proposed a test of strength. If he (somehow) defeats the Twilight Saga stud, McMahon said he'll donate $40,000 to the Children's Hospital of Orange County.

Lautner's lawyer's response? 1. Just donate that sum to a charity of my client's choosing anyway and this issue will be resolved; 2. You're a moron.

Said attorney Robert Barta in a statement:

"McMahon RV's response to our client's legitimate claim further demonstrates the lack of professionalism that Mr. McMahon, his company and his employees have exhibited from the outset, and that compelled the filing of this lawsuit in the first place."

Do you think YOU could defeat Lautner in a push-up contest?

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I think u guys are wrong.Expecting shana,shannon &lordina.


I think u guys are wrong.expect shana,shannon &lordina.


taylor no matter wht ur still gonna be like the hotish guy ever xxxxx lov u x forever an ever x x


i love Taylor..OMG!!!!!!!!!!!he's so cute and all.Everything about him is just perfect......Just love him


jeeez some people get allll anti about what other people do. you know everyones different, right? Taylor's just handeling the situation. 'Tell the Truth', ur rite, coz u dnt always get what you want in life. but its not right to just sit bak and let life knock you around. What do u expect? If you just "accept" this kind of bull shit from people and "move on", ur gonna get bull shited your whole life. Taylor's not just gonna let this RV guy HAVE his $3K!! Hes gonna fight for it!! hes setting an example for push overs everywhere! YOU GOTTA FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO PARTY!


Jeez.. what a loser. His business is going down for sure! Hope Taylor is hanging fine. His lawyer was exactly right,very well said. Taylor is such a nice,mature,humble and down to earth young actor. You can see it in all his interviews and the way he carries himself. He would never do this unless required. I totally agree with his lawyer. Brent Mcmahon is really immature and unprofessional, theres something seriously wrong with him. A friend of mine rented his RV a while back and i remembered him telling me about how crappy their service was and hpw rude they were. Well, i guess ppl dont change. He's clearly looking for a plublicity stunt and using Taylor for that. Such a loser. Act your age,old man!


^^^wtf is ur problem u grow the fuk up nd stp bein a hater u dnt kno the boys life ur listen to wat these ppl hav to say nobody knows the full story of his life so but out and get one if you had a speech to say that wud determine ur dream nd meaned the wrld to u nd didnt get out in time bcuz of that person who was suppose 2 do it u wudnt sue?..u dnt kno nothin or the wat he went threw 2 get this life style so keep ur negativity 2 urself life isnt easy is correct bt dnt let any1 crush ur dreams he's right


I tell the truth tells the truth!!!


question #1: who the hell is 18? Taylor or McMahon?
question #2: One have to wait to get sue to do charity?


for u I tell the truth, this is the truth, Ur such a waste to tell u the truth. Taylor is right for suing this moron ( i agree w/ the lawyer) not bec. Taylor is a spoiled brat (w/c I disagree) he's doing the right thing. What if u paid 300K for a certain product and it wasn't fulfilled as it promised what would u feel? Taylor is a big movie star, YES, but he has the right to do what is legal not challenge someone else to a PUSH UPS, that's absolutely MORONIC ACT. Now be sensible I think you are also a moron. Taylor is right made the right decision in suing that jerk. Stop hating Taylor.

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