Hayden Panettiere Turns 21, Denied at Club Anyway

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Hayden Panettiere just celebrated her 21st birthday.

The irony? She apparently got into a screaming match with a doorman outside trendy LA hotspot after he denied the cute actress because she lacked legal ID.

Hot, Cold Hayden

“Are you kidding me?” Hayden said to the Villa employee, according to a report in the National Enquirer. “I come here all the time. Why is this an issue NOW?"

“I turned 21 ... what the hell is your problem?”

Hayden, who has previously revealed that she’s been drinking wine with meals since age eight, needs to remember to carry her license on her at all times.

That or bring boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko along next time. We don't foresee her getting denied by some smart ass doorman with this guy by her side ...

Either Wlad is really tall and Hayden really short, or she's really far away.


He is 6'3" and she is 5'2"


Wlad or Vlodomyr is about 6'8".


That quote has been twised and turned around so many times our heads are spinning. I you use a quote then use the whole thing. I think this incident took place a few weeks before Haydens birthday and Hayden was taken back by a change in policy by the club and the doorman followed orders and Hayden was uninformed before hand and no wonder she got a little upset. Why is this coming to light NOW? No matter, Hayden can now go to other clubs and that club can now go with her money and her friends money with her to other clubs.


Just to point out, this was published by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER! i wouldn’t exactly count that as the most trustworthy source for information. Especially as Hayden was, in fact, in Detroit filming Scream 4 when this supposedly happened, not in Los Angeles. It’s all lies.


She has previously revealed that she has been drinking wine with her meals since the age of 8 only because she ALSO said after this that because she's been brought up as an Italian, it's traditional to drink wine with meals. It's normal for italian kids to drink wine with their meals in italy. DUH. Also the fact that she says "Why is this an issue NOW?" shows that they have previously let her in many times before so why are they trying to ruin her mood by making this an issue all of a sudden? I would be pissed off too. Fucking cunt, he should have let her in. It's not like she's going to do anything stupid in there, she has a reputation to keep up. Plus it's just giving the doormal attention from the media, which isn't ideal. He will HAVE to let her in next time.


nice description of the photo:P


Your quote is also wrong. The actual quote published in the National Enquirer is, "“I turn 21 in a couple of weeks…so what the hell is your problem?�" Get it right, or don't bother posting please.


This actually happened a few days before her 21st birthday. She was not actually 21 yet. This was reported by several sites last week.


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