Happy Birthday, Demi Lovato!

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Already mature beyond her years, Demi Lovato celebrates a milestone today: the singer/actress turns 18!

Send in your birthday wishes right now, as Demi might need a few words of encouragement. She's currently touring with The Jonas Brothers and doing publicity for Camp Rock 2, all of which places her alongside ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas.

While she and Joe continue to say all the right things and confirm their close friends, let's face: we've all been there. Direct contact with an ex so soon after a break-up is never easy.

But if anyone can make it work, that person is Demi Lovato. She's already talked about being the anti-Miley Cyrus, focusing on "mature and classy" music and refusing to rely on cheap marketing gimmicks to sell any albums. We admire her for that attitude and honor her birthday with this photo montage...

  • Lovato on the Red Carpet
  • Demi and Joe
  • Demi at a Party
Demi on the Red Carpet
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Happy birthday demi !!!! i hope you have a great time !!!! i wish you to have all that you want in your life !!!
best wishes


Happy birthday Demi Hope u have an amazing year!


Happy Birthday Demi! Hope you have a fantastic day.
I am a BIG fan! Again Happy Birthday Best Wishes


happy birthday demii




okay first off happy b-day demi. and second, STOP comparing her to miley for only 1 reason. if demi goes sexy, she will loose her fan base and not get a new one and as for miley, she has got fans of all ages and thats y she will remain on top. if demi looses her fans she is gone 4ever but miley wouldnt go away becuz shes got a HUUUUUUUUGE fan base and her fans would do anything to support her... louv for milez