Happy Birthday, Alexander Skarsgard!

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Fans of Alexander Skarsgard already received a gift this week:

The sight of this actor, naked and bloody, on the cover of Rolling Stone. Ogle him, along with co-stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, for as long you'd like RIGHT NOW.

But then set your mind on repaying the favor, as Skarsgard turns 34 today. He already has a hit show on his resume, so fans will need to come up with something else to deliver to this stud muffin as a present.

THG can only offer our appreciation for his role as Eric Northman on True Blood, as well as the following photo montage. Don't spend too long clicking on the pics, ladies. Alexander is awaiting your birthday wishes...

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happy birthday to my most favourite True Blood Vampire... Eric Northman... errr... no, I mean , Alexander....


Ummm...that's not Alex in the shirtless picture. It was photoshopped by a fan. Just thought I would share!


Happy Birthday sweetie hope it has been a good one xoxox


Happy Birthday, Sweetie! I wish you all the best! Keep up the good work; i think you are amazingly talented. ((hugs))


Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! You are an amazing, talented man and i wish you all the best! ((hugs))


happy birthday alexander! i think you are brill. wishing you all the best for your future! :-) x


Happy Birthday you lovely man!!! Sending you peace and light and hugs on YOUR extra special day!


Happy birthday ! Hope it's not too late ! May all your wishes come true ! You are cool !


Happy Birthday! Thank you for all of your hardwork on True Blood, you along with the rest of the cast, make it such a great show. I'd like to say that I'm your biggest fan, but I'm sure there are some really crazy people out there that would do some pretty wild things for you. I admire you as an actor and a fellow Scandanavian :)


Such hotness emanating from such a cold sheriff!