Glenn Beck Rally Speech: America Must Turn Back to God

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Held on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech and mocked by Jon Stewart as a "I Have a Scheme" event, Glenn Beck kicked off his Restoring Honor rally this morning at the Lincoln Memorial.

Pictured below during his opening remarks, the Fox News host said: "We are humbled that you are here... America today begins to turn back to God."

Aside from the implication that Barack Obama is anti-God, we'll give you a free subscription to THG for a year if you can tell us what the heck that means.

Someday, Glenn Beck might talk in numbers, facts and practical terms that don't include blanket, vapid, subtly racist statements. That day was not today.

In a speech prior to the event, Beck added that he feels like "God dropped a giant sandbag on my head. My role is to wake America up onto the backsliding of principles and values most importantly of God. We are a country of God."

Again, that sounds like a nice talking point from this self-proclaimed prophet, but does it actually serve any purpose, or have any meaning, aside from rallying conservatives to the polls in November?

The rally has been described as a non-political event, yet its keynote speaker was Sarah Palin. She took to the stage around 10:30 a.m.

"Say what you want to say about me, but I raised a combat vet and you can't take that away from me," she said to the large crowd, who proceeded to break out into chants of "U.S.A! U.S.A!"

This raises a a couple of points:

  1. Who is trying to take that away from Sarah Palin?
  2. Considering the large number of Muslim Americans who are combat veterans fighting in Afghanistan right now, Beck missed an opportunity to truly restore honor to America by asking one of their family members to take the stage and address an audience made up of Tea Party members mostly against the proposed Mosque in New York City.

Palin concluded her remarks by saying: "Vote for Bristol on Dancing with the Stars!"

Just kidding.


Glen Beck is finally having his own little Hitler moment. It must have been a great rush for him to have a bunch of suckers follow him the same way they folllowed Jim Jones in the jungles of Guyana..Everyone dreams of having this type of moment ,but it takes the following of a bucnh of suckers to make it happen..I would never follow an alcoholic anywhere.deception comes natural to them.


This nation will go to hell if we don't turn it over to God. Get on your knees and pray for the U.S.Of A. Also pray for Isreal. Beck is led by the Holy Spirit. God needs our help. Don't just sit back and wait for others to do it. YOU DO IT...Jesus Christ is King of King.... and Lord of Lords... He has all wisdom, PLease listen to what Beck is saying. If this nation goes down because of your lack of prayer. Don't cry in the future. Because you were told.


Any Nation fighting against itself cannot succeed. This world is really heading to its end. People remember when any attack takes place in the United States it does not matter what political party you belongs to. TO the enermy you are all americans. They are happy to see you acting like this. What a big joke.


True Christians remain no part of the world just as Jesus is no part of the world. These christians who are so into Politics are the nastiest people I have seen in a long time. I don't vote and just looking at it from the outside. Never have I seen this kind of hatred from people who claim to be Christsian. Christian means followers of Christ. But when it comes to politices this bunch especially the Leader Palin just hates Obama. She needs to take care of her household first of all as a christian. Second stop spreading hated by stiring up crowds. If all of you who claim to be christins read your bible and see if Jesus acted like this. Remember Jesus did not want to be king of the Roman Government. But King of GODS Kingdom. These So Call Christians Need to keep out of world affairs. Jesus said you are no part of the world Just as I am no part of the world. They are in it for themselves for self importance and money.


Wow! I cannot believe how ridiculous the USA has become. First off, Glenn Beck, your country needs to live IN REALITY, and not in some fantasy world of invisible sky gods and archaic, irrelevant storybooks. And you have the gall to criticize Islam when you are NO BETTER for believing silly fairy tales. Secondly, I don't understand how some Americans are so monumentally stupid as to think it is far more important focusing on Barack Obama's supposed lack of faith or some silly lies about him not being American when YOU HAVE REALLY BIG PROBLEMS TO DEAL WITH. Who can take you guys seriously when people like Glenn Beck are allowed to drive public opinion. What a JOKE!!


Thank you, THG. This is well-said. It's nice to see someone beside Jon Stewart calling people out these days for the propaganda crap the Tea Party is throwing out just because the political climate is right for it. I get that everyone's mad about the economy. That doesn't make blanket statements about religion or veiled references about our "Muslim" President (which, if he were, is that relevant?) any more acceptable. These Tea Party people are crazy, and will self-implode. (Anyone for making the Tea Party the third Party brand?) I hope it doesn't hurt the Republican party so much that they lose all credibility, because they have a lot of core values that are important and worth hearing.


Oh, I thank God every day - for the fact that, for every idiot like Glenn Beck, there's a voice like Jon Stewart who has at least an ounce of common sense.


Glenn Beck represents the American Taliban, he wishes us to go back to the bigoted, segregated past. Boo Hoo Klanny the Klown keep religion in the home and churches and out of our government. Go back to what? The Bush Era that left us with a carpetbagging VP war profiteer and a moron who led us into the deepest debt American has been in? No thanks. Re-elect Obama! The American Taliban are our countries true enemies.


@THG=Dumbass: Did you even read the post? The author said Beck was implying that Obama was anti-God, which isn't exactly a difficult leap in logic to make:
If Beck says the nation must go back to God (whatever that possibly means on any practical level, we're still awaiting an example from you or him), doesn't every ounce of logic imply that the country has currently turned away from God with Obama as President?? THG didn't say that, the site simply called Beck out on the implications of his rhetoric.
If you wish to be taken seriously, at least read the actual article and use your brain for half a second instead of spewing Fox News talking points.


HH, What was he post about...bringing God back into the began praising and defending Obama, and decided to label him as the anti-God, then proceeded to say he is better than Bush....YOU INITIATED ALL OF THAT, not ask yourself the question....and ask why I repsonded to you acting as if Obama is better than anyone, even GW...Everything is about God and religion, because nothing would exist without it....NOT EVEN THIS NATION...

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