Glenn Beck Rally Speech: America Must Turn Back to God

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Held on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech and mocked by Jon Stewart as a "I Have a Scheme" event, Glenn Beck kicked off his Restoring Honor rally this morning at the Lincoln Memorial.

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    its simple to describe this situation here quote the godfather infamous line its not personal its buisness which mean religion is a personal thing and politics well its business and a damn country should be run like a buisness not a moral guidance counselor




    I think he was just dropped on his head, when he was a baby.
    There's something seriously wrong with this guy!


    Hatemongers hawking God. Imagine.


    We will Be praying for you too Shan,since you are one of the suckers.Don't drink the kool-aiid.


    Go Glen Beck and Sarah Palin! Hey...Alba and Rodd and Mike and anyone else who thinks that Christians should not take a stand for God's truth, values, and morals:
    It is obvious that you are missing Glen Beck's purpose and calling from God when you say stupid things that you can't back up! Comparing Glen Beck to Hitler and Jim Jones is hateful and childish! It is obvious that you have not read God's word...the BIBLE! I will pray for all of you!


    Please check historical conditions in Berlin, Germany circa 1933, before the rise of Hitler and the Nazis. Economic depression,mass unemployment, vapid gossip and kitsch celebrities, random debauchery, desperate need for scapegoats, feverish patriotism in the wake of a lost and depleting war. Sound familiar?


    Actually, the Republican's acted like they had a corner on religion..Moral Majority..turned out some not so Moral. That's what gave us Obama..people were finding the old Republican's tricKling down..didn't trickle Yes, we can..Obama was elected!!


    The Republican Party hurt itsself..that's how the Tea Party came about...I guess if we all live righteously, we all have the Holy Spirit! Glen Beck just gets enough to do his job..and we get enough for our day to day..Glen Beck is no Jim Jones, but he's not Martin Luther King Jr. either!!


    Christians scare me.
    and I am one.

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