Farrah Abraham Discusses Teen Mom Tragedy

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Celebrity teenage mothers such as Bristol Palin and Jamie Lynn Spears have plenty of financial and familial support to fall back on. Most are not so lucky.

Farrah Abraham, herself a star of Teen Mom on MTV, was struck by tragedy when daughter Sophia's dad, Derek Underwood, was killed in a car accident.

"It's getting easier," Abraham, now 19, tells Us Weekly of the crash that took his life in 2009. "It's hard to deal with the fact that Sophia never got to meet her dad ... but now that I've come out on the show about it, I'm really happy I did."

Despite a rocky relationship with Underwood (the couple hadn't spoken for four months before he died), Abraham says he would have been a great dad.

"He would have been loving and supportive and taken care of both of us. When Sophia was born, her face looked just like his, and so did her toes!"

"I made Sophia a baby book with notes he and I wrote to each other. It's a big collection of our relationship. I have pictures of us going to dances and lots of memories. I want her to know that he was a happy person who liked to have fun."

She's waiting for the right time to open up to Sophia. For now, she is leaning on her parents for help. She calls her relationship with her own mother, Debra Danielson, "a work in progress." The reasons why are surprising and sad.

Danielson was charged with domestic assault after tension over Abraham's seeming lack of attention toward her newborn escalated into an altercation. Danielson pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of interference with a police officer.

"We're a lot better. We try to go to counseling at least once a month. We've forgiven each other," says Abraham. "I see or speak to my parents [Danielson and dad Michael] daily now, and they're the best babysitters I could find!"


Ashton, you're a moron.


I don't think there was ANYTHING mean about what Jen71 said at all. This is obviously an ADULT who knows that children aren't for everyone. I'm 21, I'm still fairly young myself, I def don't want any kids, especially now. Yes it's a shame what happened to Sophia's dad. Same thing happened to a friend of mine, who is 20 at the moment. But none of that justifies teen pregnancy though. I don't see how a 15 or 16 year old is more responsible than an adult...but okay...believe whatever you want. I know different. I was taught different. Unplanned things happen, but teen pregnancy IS preventable. ya know?


This chick is the biggest bitch EVER!!! If I was Debra, I would have knocked her into the next century!!!


Young women need to stop using sex and babies to try and hold onto a man. How stupid! No good man worth having respects a slut, and not many want to take on a kid when all he's looking for is a girlfriend to enjoy his youth. These girls are so disgusting. And their parents are idiots. I wish MTV would stop airing this garbage.


@lindsay woods
MTV does pay these girls, but they dont get alot. and they dont get the money until after the season finishes!
My friend was on a reality show and he got nothing at all until 3 months after that season finished.


Does anyone know if Farrah is getting a SSI check? Twenty years ago, I was 6months preg w/my son & his dad was killed in a wreck also. His dad and I weren't married & there was no written document of him being the father, so when he was born I had to give him my last name. I found a lady in TN who helped me, and through her we had blood test done to determine paternity. This was taken from my son's grandparent's, my son,and myself. Once the test came back, I could go to court and my son got his father's last name, and started receiving SSI. I wouldn't have known this could be done had I not had that chance encounter with this woman, and she wasn't even working on a case for me. I was just wondering, since Farrah seems to be struggling so much.


Whoever has sex before marriage is a whore.


Farrah is a spoiled bitch. Too bad she's not the one who isn't around any more.


I have never felt so bad for Farrah and baby Sophia as I do at this point because I can totally relate. I am a single mother of a wonderful 6 year old boy whose father was killed in a motorcycle accident just one month and three days before he was born. There is not a day that goes by where I don't wish that my son could have met his father and how unfair it is that he was taken away before they ever got that chance. He would have been a great dad and is always greatly missed.


I agree with Ashton. Jen71 what a mean comment to write! Who are you to judge? I feel horrible for Farrah and you have no rigth to say such things. And teens at 14-18 can judge love. Not everyone is that dumb and perhaps only you were burned so young. I had sex at 16 and ten years later I married that guy. No baby involved. Sex DID equal love for me. It still does.

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