Farrah Abraham Discusses Teen Mom Tragedy

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Celebrity teenage mothers such as Bristol Palin and Jamie Lynn Spears have plenty of financial and familial support to fall back on. Most are not so lucky.

Farrah Abraham, herself a star of Teen Mom on MTV, was struck by tragedy when daughter Sophia's dad, Derek Underwood, was killed in a car accident.

"It's getting easier," Abraham, now 19, tells Us Weekly of the crash that took his life in 2009. "It's hard to deal with the fact that Sophia never got to meet her dad ... but now that I've come out on the show about it, I'm really happy I did."

Despite a rocky relationship with Underwood (the couple hadn't spoken for four months before he died), Abraham says he would have been a great dad.

"He would have been loving and supportive and taken care of both of us. When Sophia was born, her face looked just like his, and so did her toes!"

"I made Sophia a baby book with notes he and I wrote to each other. It's a big collection of our relationship. I have pictures of us going to dances and lots of memories. I want her to know that he was a happy person who liked to have fun."

She's waiting for the right time to open up to Sophia. For now, she is leaning on her parents for help. She calls her relationship with her own mother, Debra Danielson, "a work in progress." The reasons why are surprising and sad.

Danielson was charged with domestic assault after tension over Abraham's seeming lack of attention toward her newborn escalated into an altercation. Danielson pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of interference with a police officer.

"We're a lot better. We try to go to counseling at least once a month. We've forgiven each other," says Abraham. "I see or speak to my parents [Danielson and dad Michael] daily now, and they're the best babysitters I could find!"


Farrah, you need to stop being such a victim and start being responsible. Yes, it is a sad thing your boyfriend passed on and that was a tragedy. You are fortunate to have parents who supported you when your baby was now born. You need to take responsibility for your life choices and stop blaming everyone else.


I think that farrah really needs to learn to communicate better in life. I can't even watch the show because everytime farrah comes on I feel like snapping her neck. Her entire way of communicating with people is so wrong and unethical that she really needs some extreme help. I can only hope that other girls watch the show and learn the wrong way to speak to others. I'll hate you always farrah.


farrah is the a mom who has no feelings she hates to have to care for a child instaed of going out with her friends and boys and amber is a fat abusive hoe who's house smells like shit and her baby alawys has dirty clothes and dirty diaper and starnge men changing her baby diaper and catelynn gurl when are you going to get them brace out it smells like sewers and maci you the best mom and ryan is a dirty rat of a dad a and all the moms loves men and candy and catelynn you fat lose some weight and tyler need to gai n some wieght and and go out with najma tobe at minneapolios mineasota at northeast minnepolis 554201 and leARNING FOR LEADERSHIP CHARTE


Farrah seems more mature this season. The previous season, she was only concerned about going out with friends. Now that she's on her own, she's realized that she's 100% responsible for her and Sophia. She's really trying to make a better life for her and Sophia. Derek's passing is a terrible tragedy for Farrah but most of all for Sophia. Wish them all the best!


MY heart goes to out to all these mothers. Farrah is just lost without a father figure for Sophia. The person she love died so if you never had to bury your husband/boyfriend you can never judge someone for the things they have been through. Maci your a wonderful mother and you remind me so much of my cousin so keep up the good work. Catelynn your mom is crazy but you still stick it out.keep it up. Amber you do complain to much but you do have alot on your plate.


I commend all the girls on the show. Single parenting is one of the most difficult things to do, especially so young. I think Amber seriously needs help and I hope she gets it, for the sake of her baby AND herself. I have to say that Caitlyn, you made the right decision, your mom is a lunatic. Farrah, you're getting there, good girl. Macy, you're a wonderful mom. I wish the best for all of you. Take care and God bless.


Farrah is a spoiled rotten little girl. She is not a woman in the slightest. She is so concerned about her social, romantic/private life. Shame on you i feel sorry for your daughter, not you. Amber your just plain crazy. But catelynn and maci I LOVE YOU GUYS... and Ryan! you guys have been the best moms on the entire show. Even if catelynn and ryan took up the adoption route they did it for the best, they need to get away from her mom...crazy wench! and maci I am always rootin for you!


i think that they are all doing a great job. who cares about boyfriends or anything its all about what they go through for their kids. i give props to all the mothers other there doing the best they can.


first of all farah is a little b*tch u doesnt need 2 have her child he doesnt even watch her( falling off the bed)! caitylan and tyler gave their baby up and they call themselfes parents the dont even c her! the only person that tryes to be the best mom is maci she their w/ her son all the time and she acts like an adlut not a child. and 4 ryan at least he their and hasent ran off


To Maci, I think you did move for the better but yeah the baby needs his dad too. Caitlyn and her boyfriend wise choice. Farrah, you thought you could make it on your own. now I think you realized what your mom was telling you. Mom, selfish attitude. I think she's Bi-polar. For Amber YOU are Bi-polar, very little thing you get pissed off you need help before you end up behind bars! Crazy Bitch! Gary at first you did act like a kid but I guess you've grown and you need to get your baby out of that crazy house of Amber's. If I were you I wouldn't even go to sleep! Good luck to all hope all gets well!

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