Fantasia Barrino to Haters: I'm Back!

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Take notice, haters: Fantasia Barrino is back!

The former American Idol champion, who swears she really was trying to commit suicide a few weeks ago, hasn't just recovered in time to give multiple interviews on the overdose days before the release of her new album.

She also feels good enough to perform an impromptu concert for fans in Las Vegas.

Fantasia in Vegas

That's exactly what happened Friday night at the Palms Hotel, as Fantasia surprised attendees at Rain nightclub and took to the stage. She announced to the crowd:

"They thought I was finished, they thought I was done. I would never ever stop, I don't care what no one says."

Fantasia proceeded to sing "Bittersweet," along with covers of Prince's "Purple Rain" and Rufus and Chaka Khan's "Tell Me Something Good." She also referenced her recent troubles and added a message:

"I was in the hospital, but now I bounce back. Don't ever let your haters stop you. Don't ever let them stop your destiny."

But will Fantasia's condition put a stop to her publicity efforts? A new report states she's pregnant with Antwaun Cook's child.

We'll keep fans updated on that story as news breaks. For now, click below to enlarge pictures of Fantasia performing in Vegas:

Vegas Performance Pic
Album Promoting
Rocking the Palms
Post- Suicide Attempt Concert
Performing in Vegas

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FANTASIA, She's back and with such a beautiful voice please don't mess this up just hang in there. Try to work as much as you can to make things posssible for yourself. GOD, gave you a singing voice so use it. Good Luck on your future.


People who attempt to commit suicide while pregnant with a married celebrity's 'love child' baby have serious issues. Generally, people contemplate harming themselves in lesser ways first, so to get to the point of where she was takes time. This wasn't just a 'I had one bad day' thing. People don't commit suicide on a limb. They commit suicide because bad thoughts and feelings have festered in their mind and they can't find any other way out. So, with such serious issues, one does not recover so quickly. She was in the hospital for what, 2 days? And she basically immediately began doing interviews, promoting her album, and surprising fans with the performance mentioned in this article. This is not an overnight problem, so a legitimate overnight solution is unrealistic. I, like many, am sceptical of this whole situation. But every possible avenue or reason for doing this is horrible. None is any less horrible than any others.


Great way to get media coverage prior to a CD release that no one would care about otherwise, no?


can this beyotch get any more ghetto?


Fantasia keep the faith and don't focus too much on what people think of you, but remain concerned with what God wants for you and focus on the gift that he has blessed you with. Whatever mistakes you may have made if you ask for forgiveness from him you shall receive. You are a believer and even if you are in the world system musically you need to remain in God's system spiritually. The songs that I've heard thus far on your new CD are awesome keep up the good work. Love you much,


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