Fantasia Barrino Sex Tape, Affair Alleged by Paula Cook

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Fantasia Barrino received solid reviews for starring turn on Broadway in The Color Purple.

But if new allegations prove correct, this won't be the singer's most memorable performance.

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According to court documents filed by a woman named Paula Cook, the former American Idol champion carried on an affair with Cook's husband - and even made a sex tape with him!

North Carolina television station WCNC uncovered the divorce papers, filed by Cook, which demand child support payments from estranged husband Antwaun and cite a relationship between him and Fantasia. Paula states the two started sleeping with each other in August 2009.

Paula goes on to write: "Throughout the course of their adulterous affair... Defendant/Husband and Ms. Barrino have at times recorded their illicit activity."

She also claims that Fantasia once called her on the phone and taunted: "He don’t want you. Maybe the next time that you get a husband you'll know how to keep him. That's why he is here with me."

Rumors of an affair between Barrino and Antwaun Cook first surfaced late last year. They were the latest in a series of personal mishaps for the star, who has faced numerous financial problems, including foreclosure.

On the plus, side, though, if a sex tape truly exists, she can peddle the heck out of it and make millions. Just call Montana Fishburne for advice, Fantasia.


No one knows what really happened between Fantasia, Antwaun and Paula, the true victims are the children including Fantasia's daughter.....we should leave it alone and let it run it's course through the legal system. The truth, whatever is is will play out and they all will have to make amends. Everyone is commenting on Fantasia's singing ability, which has nothing to do with the case at hand....! Let us pray one for another, the problem with people is we are so quick to tear each other down based on our feelings, we all have messed up, and we keep starting over again and again, allow them to do the same chance, as long as there are men and women there will be TROUBLE!


The fame and fortune Fantasia has "earned" for herself does not entitle her to inferfere in another womans life and family!! I personally know Paula and she is a beautiful woman and person. I hope you take her for everything she is worth Paula .... or obviously not worth. Paula stay beautiful!!


Please stop it Sunshine and Randyjackson. Is there a little envy going on? We all make mistakes and just like ms. puddin stated many people just dont get caught. so happen she did and that should just help some people out. Yes it wrong but dont judge her or cast a stone. Most of the time people over exaggerate the truth ot just dont tell the truth at all. None of us were there so stop all the nonsense excessive talking. Hey try sending a prayer for her. R u saved Sunshine and randy? Be a light to others that may not know. And I agree with u supernatural. Lastly. LET THE WORD DO THE WORK! NOT THE WORDS YOU SPEAK. THE WORD IS THE BIBLE. WE ALL HAVE SIN AND FALLEN SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD. BUT WE HAVE AN ADVOCATE WITH THE FATHER. LOVE AND KINDNESS


Fantasia..........and the dumb broad cant even sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes another one that should not have won american idol!!! she will never have an album that will go anywhere....i wouldnt walk across the street to see her!!!


I still love Fantasia..We all make bad decisions in life.She is still young so hopefully this is a learning experience for her. She's not the first and won't be the last to have an affair with a married person. Many people just don't get caught. He who is without sin, cast the first stone.None of us will be throwing stones.


A Fantasia sex tape??? Um, no thanks. Who produced it? National Geographic?


Please leave my friend alone!! u guys will try to find some kind of garbage to write huh??

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