Emmy Awards Fashion Face-Off: Kathy Griffin vs. Kate Gosselin

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We promise we'll get to actual, deserving stars eventually.

Kate Gosselin and Kathy Griffin do not jump off the page as people deserving of Emmy Awards, or even necessarily invitations to the Emmy Awards.

Kylie Jenner Fashion

But they were there just the same, and this isn't a debate over talent. It's all about the fashion, and our question to readers is: Who looked better?

Who looked better on the red carpet?


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I agree with Bobbie.... Kathy is a cheap excuse for a comedian, I don't think that gal is funny at all.And Kate has talent in what arena? That's what I thought too, she doesn't. She has eight children and whenever I hear her on t.v. she bashes Jon. Sure he's a sleaze, but she's not too far above him. I think they deserved one another. Both are nuts.


don't like either one / kathy is a dirty mouth who can't make a joke unless it's dirty and kate is jsut a celebrity want a be not even on the d list


kate looks beautiful here and appropriately dressed for the occasion....BUT...watching her show last night...geez...i lost respect for her with the revealing top and high heels..for gosh sakes...when you take your kids on a tour or anywhere you are walking a lot, you wear sneakers...not high heels...and not a top that reveals all you have. that shows insecurity and lack of self confidence in my opinion..she is a mother first, right?
maybe not.


Um, Kathy was nominated for two Emmys.


kathy deserves an emmy more then 98 % of these people ok ?! she looks fab also.