Emmy Awards Face-Off: Heidi Klum vs. Claire Danes

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Usually, a face-off involving Heidi Klum features Heidi Klum and a sacrificial lamb. The woman has four kids and still looks like ... well, see any Heidi Klum pictures.

Claire Danes just might give her a run for her fashion money here, though. The actress, who won an Emmy for portraying Temple Grandin, is simply breathtaking.

What classic, elegant style. Heidi's dress is, you might say, a tad more revealing. If you have legs like that, why not flaunt them. Who looked better, though? Tell us ...

  • Heidi K.
  • Classy Claire

Who looked better at the Emmys, Heidi or Claire?


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Personally, I find Heidi to be a bit tacky lately. I mean yes, she has nice legs but she also isn't 25 anymore either. Not that she should have to dress like an old lady but I am just saying a little classier would be nice. Every time she's pictured at an event she is usually wearing a dress or skirt way too short. I think she looks stupid.

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