Emma Watson With Short Hair: Fab or Fail?

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Adorable Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows actress Emma Watson made headlines today with her new, short haircut, announced via her Twitter account.

“Dear all,” the 20-year-old British actress wrote. “Cut my hair off a few days ago ... It feels incredible. I love it. I’ve wanted to do this for years and years."

"It’s the most liberating thing ever. Hope you like. Big love from Emma x.”

Liberating it may be, but does it look good? You tell us. Do you like Emma's new hairstyle? We think it's kinda cute, but it's a drastic shift from the norm.

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Emma Watson: Short Hair

What's your take on Emma Watson's new haircut?

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Well, she looks like Justin Bieber with short hair :D


I loooove it!


Sorry girls… I'm gonna stop all of this uppity feminism. Sure, it's great if it's a confidence booster, and you can feel as if you can stick it to the well….. men.. by getting your hair cut short Long story short: It's a deathwish Being a guy who is more into relationships than hookups, and i currently have a girlfriend of over 2 years, lucky i know :) im not just some shallow cunt either.. but facts are facts… I have never met a guy who isn't totally turned off by short hair… I used to think emma watson was probably the best looking girl on the planet… now… well… It's just not my think Don't get me wrong I don't think it looks lesbian or anything.. Just.. not good Sorry


I disagree with the person who said "long hair looks best on pretty much all girls' It all depends on face shape, hair texture, body type and lots of other factors to determine which hairstyle looks best on someone and gender isn't really a factor anymore. Its the 21st century people! Girls can have short hair now without being called butch or lesbian, i hate it when people put other people in tiny boxes. I looooove her hair, (not really in these pictures but the ones of her on Elle Canada) I've had long hair for a while and everyone is telling my that I would look good with it short, and I want to so so so bad, but then I read stuff like this and i get discouraged.


i think its really pretty i was even thinking about cutting mine like that,Go Emma!


go emma. she had the guts to cut her hair even though she knew there would be haters all around that wouldnt like it. its so much better to please yourself then it is to try to impress a bunch of people you dont even know anyway


Okay so it was a mistake, and my heart kinda dropped for a second when i saw the picture. It's not that she looks bad, she still looks pretty, but i agree with most of you when i say long hair looked better on her and on pretty much all girls. However like I said it doesn't look awful, I think people are just thinking it does because they are used to the long, krimped haired Hermoinie/Emma and don't like this change because it's not how it looks in the movies or how they are used to seeing her on the bigscreen. But it is HER hair, so why do we even care if she gets a haircut? It's not even really our buisness.....


omg! cant believe there are so many people who hate the haircut?! i love it! it looks soo hot! Emma hotson


Ffffffffff I'm a straight girl and even I think it looks like a lesbian's/little boy's haircut. DX It's just BAD.


omgosh! she looks horible! i adore her, i mean, we have the same birthday and i really like hermione !!! eeeppppppiiiiiiccccc fffffaaaaaaiiiiiilllllleeeeeeeerrrrrrrr

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