Dr. Conrad Murray Requests, Receives Michael Jackson Fluid Sample

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We know. Gross.

At a hearing yesterday, Dr. Conrad Murray's legal team was granted a request to get fluid samples of Michael Jackson as part of the late music icon's embattled personal physician's defense in his involuntary manslaughter trial.

Dr. Murray's attorneys want to re-test fluids to determine the accuracy levels of the Propofol found in Jackson's body. Murray is expected to contend that Jackson killed himself by administering a lethal dose while he left the room.

That'll give the MJ fans something to protest.

Dr. Conrad
RIP MJ (1958-2009)

Dr. Conrad Murray faces an involuntary manslaughter charge.

According to the L.A. County Coroner's report, Michael Jackson died of acute Propofol intoxication. The Coroner has fluid samples and they've been preserved.

A preliminary trial date was set for January 4. At that point, a judge will determine if Dr. Conrad Murray will stand trial or the case will be thrown out.

Assuming the case is not dismissed, and no plea bargains are reached - Murray is said to be opposed to a deal - then an actual trial date will be set.

As you can see, these things move slowly.


this dr.is just a real (a hole) he gave michael to much propofol and killed him, and how he wants to blame michael.you are guilty and need to go to jail.... love you michael, happy birthday!!


Who says that what you are reading, seeing and hearing about all of this is for real? Who says that it's not all just a play being acted out for a bigger purpose? You think that doesn't happen in the real world? Think again. Do you have proof one way or another? I don't, but do you? Don't be so quick to pass judgement on someone without knowing everything. Isn't that what also happened to MJ? Just take a moment and THINK about it. Don't let emotion be your trigger finger. That's what your brain is for.


If the shoes were on the other foot, my butt would be under the prison for murder. I would not be walking around or still allowed to work. There is something really wrong about this picture. There are some big wheels behind this whole thing and Dr.Conrad is playing with these big dogs. I am so pissed that he and his lawyer got together with this lie so they can plant doult, saying that Michael killed himself. In a way, that is true when he let that money hungry fool in his life. What doctor highly medicates you so much and then leaves the room? If you ever been really put under in surgery, you don't move. I just hope we do not get screwed by the justice system and he gets off. Michael was someones son/brother. He was a icon!!! May Michael rest in peace ... I miss him so much!!!


You have got to be kidding me. We will all be dead (for real this time) before this thing finally comes to a conclusion. Its like a book that has no ending and pages keep being added to the back. Losing interest fast.

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