Devon James Paternity Suit Against Tiger Woods: Rejected!

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Anyone else really, really surprised by this breaking sports news?

A paternity suit filed by the upstanding, totally credible Devon James against Tiger Woods has officially been thrown out, ending her bid for ... who knows.

Tiger's porn star mistress was shown no mercy by a judge this morning, who dismissed her paternity case and request for a DNA test from the golfer.

James claimed Tiger is the baby daddy of her 9-year-old son, Austin T. James, and wanted the judge to force Tiger Woods to submit to a DNA test.

A TIGER TALE: Despite the fact that he probably tapped that, along with dozens of other women, Devon James' paternity claims were a bunch of baloney.

The judge in Manatee County, Fla., had none of this, tossing the case in part because Devon James was MIA, and for other, more significant reasons.

For one, she doesn't even have custody of the kid now. Her mom does. Moreover, her mom says a prior DNA test in 2002 proved another man was the dad.

There you go. Got the time, by any chance, Devon? Looks like 14:59 ...


Why would Tiger's team pay her (as another poster suggests) when all the evidence points to her being someone whose credibility is over.


this is not the first time devonjames did this with her exson when she got the dna results that pele watkins was the father she tried to claim a hockey player matt was the father but he took a dna to prove he wasnt .devonjames also did this with her other children even when she had there dna she wood send the sonagram to there mothers


Dumb-ass!! Guess nothing else is panning out so have to resort to this?? Stick to what you know best and shut the fuck up!!


She probably did not show up because she may have been paid some money to do so! She could also may have been afraid of going to jail for filing a false complain, if she knew this was false! Anyways, this case went Tiger's way since many other things in his life aren't!!!


What a loser to bring this to court when she had seen the DNA results back in 2002. She deserves to spend time in jail.

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