Details Emerge on Cake Boss Arrest; Did Remy Gonzalez Admit to Sexual Assault?

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The sordid details of the allegations against Remy Gonzalez are coming to light.

Earlier this week, the Cake Boss star was arrested on charges of sexual assault, a crime sources say the reality star actually admitted to.

This update is courtesy of a police affidavit obtained by The Newark Star-Ledger. It states that a pair of witnesses told detectives they confronted Gonzalez on August 17 after a boy between the age of 13 and 16 claimed to have been sexually assaulted by the 32-year-old cake decorator.

This incident reportedly took place twice, both times occurring between September 2009 and March 9, 2010.

After learning medical personnel were taking a look at the accuser, the affidavit says Gonzalez broke down and admitted to having engaged in acts "of sexual assault" that included penetration. He was arrested the next day.

Gonzalez is currently locked in a Morris County prison, unable to pay his $300,000 bail.

"It's not an exorbitant [amount]," New Jersey-based criminal defense attorney James M. Porfido told E! News. "It's probably within the guidelines... For first-degree charges that carry mandatory incarceration up to 20 years, that's someone who could be considered a flight risk. That may justify a higher bail."

Gonzalez is next expected in court for a September 7 hearing.

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"America" did you read the article? Apparently you missed one important sentence. "Gonzalez broke down and admitted to having engaged in acts "of sexual assault" that included PENETRATION."


Do you know what I really love and respect about being an American and living in this country? We are all given the RIGHT of being considered innocent until proven guilty. None of us were there, none of know what happened. There are many sides to every story...that's why we have a legal system in this country, and it is up to the court and jury to decide if he is guilty or not, NOT US.


WAY TO GO JERSEY and class act from your great town....the pig


thats is sooooo revolting. I want to throw up :p what a low life loser with no sense of pride EWWWWWWWW


Absolutely revolting. Buddy and the others have young sons don't they? I hope this pervert didn't do this to any of their kids too. May he rot.


I really love the show. I will continue to watch if it is on. If Remy did what they are saying he did, and he confessed to, I would think Buddy's lovely sister will divorce his ass quick. I don't expect to ever see him on the show again. An old fashion Italain family like that would NEVER condone something as horrible at child molestation.


GOD is the only one who can judge Remy for his alleged actions. I love CAKE BOSS and I am not afraid to say that I WILL CONTINUE TO WATCH.


I am an avid fan of cake boss I can not believe that Remy would do something like that. I feel really bad for his wife and children, and the show because if he is back on the show that means the "familia" condones what he has done and myself and my family will not watch my favorite show again.


what a lowlife homo

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