Details Emerge on Cake Boss Arrest; Did Remy Gonzalez Admit to Sexual Assault?

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The sordid details of the allegations against Remy Gonzalez are coming to light.

Earlier this week, the Cake Boss star was arrested on charges of sexual assault, a crime sources say the reality star actually admitted to.

This update is courtesy of a police affidavit obtained by The Newark Star-Ledger. It states that a pair of witnesses told detectives they confronted Gonzalez on August 17 after a boy between the age of 13 and 16 claimed to have been sexually assaulted by the 32-year-old cake decorator.

This incident reportedly took place twice, both times occurring between September 2009 and March 9, 2010.

After learning medical personnel were taking a look at the accuser, the affidavit says Gonzalez broke down and admitted to having engaged in acts "of sexual assault" that included penetration. He was arrested the next day.

Gonzalez is currently locked in a Morris County prison, unable to pay his $300,000 bail.

"It's not an exorbitant [amount]," New Jersey-based criminal defense attorney James M. Porfido told E! News. "It's probably within the guidelines... For first-degree charges that carry mandatory incarceration up to 20 years, that's someone who could be considered a flight risk. That may justify a higher bail."

Gonzalez is next expected in court for a September 7 hearing.

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There is nothing lower than a rapist regardless if it's done to a male or female but for it to be done to a kid is the worse crime anyone could ever commit. My heart goes out to the families of the the victims from the kid to Lisa & even Remy's family. As for Remy himself, there's nothing to be said.


I guess we really don't know what people are like on TV. Just what they show us.


I feel so bad for his wife, knowing that (when she was pregnant ) she had his child in her and also for her kids..she doesn't know what he could have done. im not going to stop watching the show just because some asshole did something so horrible, its not the shows fault nor the people on the shows fault.




Damnnn Damnnn Damnnn Remiii! Poor Buddy & Fam.. Why r so many men turning gay man i don't undastand it


Oh Lord, I don't beleive this! I agree with Rob Thomas, an old fashion Italian family would never condone something as horrible as this.


u no wats sad remi was like my idel now he turned into a monster y the freak wud he do such a thing is he sick guess i gotto find a new idel how mary hahajkjk i think its gonna b buddy or mario i rlly luv their whole family aan i always wanted to make a cake with buddy but im never gonna. u no just because remi did tht tht doesnt meen we have to take it out on their show their show is awsome elly awsome an on cake boss remi alwys seemed shy an sweet but hes not now. plz ppl of cake bosss luver dnt stop likein cake boss for wat remi did, l love u cake boss . an mary


Wow this is so nasty i feel so bad for his wife though, she just had a baby by this pervert now finding out he is a child pervert she is probably heart broken


I love watching cake boss and have grown to really love watching the family as well. What Remy has done is very wrong , distasteful, sick and so on..but I don't think we should take this disgusting incident out on the show or other family members, as we are responsible for our own actions. I just wanted to make a comment on that is all.


now i know why all of sudden they took a finale