Danielle Staub to Teresa Giudice: Foreclose This!

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Danielle Staub has two messages for Teresa Giudice:

  1. Told you so!
  2. Avoid payday loans, no money down mortgages and be smart with your money.

That's the basic reaction this reality star has for her Real Housewives of New Jersey castmate, as Giudice faces serious bankruptcy and financial problems. Speaking to reporters about Teresa'a $11 million debt this week, Staub said:

“I’m going to tell her what I told her before - your house is in foreclosure. I wasn’t lying and you did know... I think people need to spend within their means and if you don’t know what you have, you need to communicate with your husband."

This is easily the most sane Danielle has ever sounded.

Teresa vs. Danielle

Staub and Giudice went at it on the amazing July 13 episode of this Bravo show, as seen above. Since then, Teresa has gone on The View and said her husband, Joe, never said a word about their impending foreclosure.

But that's a lame excuse, Danielle says, adding: "One thing that comes with marriage is that it’s fifty-fifty. It is your responsibility to know these things. You can’t just throw him under the bus... That’s not cool.”

In the end, Staub has profound advice for all the Real Housewives: “Be very humble, be grateful for the opportunities that have been given to you and try to teach your children that hard work is definitely something that becomes lucrative to you in the end.”

In the rear end, she means, as Danielle knows from personal, videotaped experience.


I agree totally. Bravo is firing the wrong person. Get rid of Teresa, please.


Teresa should NOT be allowed to dance with the stars. She is a disgrace to honest people. She should definitely be fired from the show, not Danielle.Teresa is a liar and a horrible wife and mother.


Bravo- Please fire Teresa!


Teresa is an arrogant jealous Jacquelyn impersonator! There is NEVER a reason to insult someone. They thrive on insults and the desire to feel superior when they are in fact inferior to Danielle. Danielle teaches her kids to be wonderful members of society. Teresa teaches her kids to be selfish and spend other peoples money. Ashley is taught way too late to behave as a member of a society. Only Danielle has succeeded at the most important job of her life- being a mother. Teresa is a self centered bitch on her way to jail for lying to the government.


There is no one worse than Teresa. Why is Bravo keeping her???? We are all giving up the show until that witch is FIRED!


I agree with the people who wrote before me. Teresa sucks the economy dry. Society is left paying her expenses. Our taxes are going up because of her. She is going to jail for hiding income from the government. She is raising spoiled brats with no morals or manners. She is killing her husband with her greed. She is a selfish bitch. FIRE HER!!!!!!


Teresa is the one that should be fired! Danielle will thrive with her own spin off and we are done watching the show. There is only true evil left. Teresa is evil!


Guess Danielle knew what she was talking about huh? I know she sometimes comes across as a nut case,but i can at least say she's doing something right when it comes to her girls.They are well behaved young ladies,and the oldest is very giving.Raising money for your 16th Bday,not just thinking about yourself shows very good qualities that have at some point in time have been taught to her.

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