Daniel Radcliffe Comes Out: I'm Single!

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So much for those Olive Uniacke rumors.

Despite being romantically linked to that British party girl, the Harry Potter star tells the latest issue of Out that he's single.

"I was in a relationship with somebody for just about three years, and we broke up just shortly before we hit that mark. But [the breakup] was very amicable. At the moment, I’m just being single and running around chasing girls," Radcliffe said, laughing.

Elsewhere in the interview, Radcliffe makes it clear why he's the rare child star unaffected by his early fame. How many people his age in general would have the following, mature viewpoints on gay marriage, politics and Hollywood?

On Nick Clegg, England's the Deputy Prime Minister: I’m a very big fan. I’ve actually met him, and I have to say he’s a really, really good man. I don’t agree with everything he says, but of all the party leaders, he was the one I voted for. I thought he was a great speaker and very charismatic and very statesmanlike.

And I’m glad that he is still in a prominent position in British politics because I think he could make a great contribution. He comes from absolutely the right place in terms of what his values are.

On the growing acceptance of alternative lifestyles: I think that with every generation, people become more open to those ideas and more aware and more educated. But it’s a really, really slow process. If you take any family with parents who are bringing their kids up in a narrow-minded way that includes homophobia, it will take a very profound moment of realization to change those deep-seated views.

On recently visiting Hollywood... for the first time: People seem to have a very bizarre perception of me - that I’m a Hollywood actor. I don’t think of myself that way. And when I was out there and telling people it was pretty much my first trip, jaws just hit the floor. They were looking at me like I had two heads.

Expect to hear a lot more from Radcliffe as he continues publicity for the November 19 release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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I just got to tell you i love your voice and i love your song slow club beginning . and my fave rt color are your eyes because they tern any color. your eyes are gorges .can tell you are a kind person you don't just think about your self . your are the kind of man that cars about very one around you frets i hope you will find the women of your dreamless. you derive to be happy and may good bliss you for ever your friend lola heart.


I Think that Daniel is very attractive and very sexty indeed


This guy is really amazing! He's responsible, open-minded, free-thinking, quirky, cool, and well-rounded!
We need more guys like this in the acting world instead of these people who can't take the fame!
I hope life goes well for Mr. Radcliffe.


I hope that u(daniel)read those comments that ur fans write u cuz we really r fond of u even if we dont actually know ur personality
Anyway i dont believe ur gay,of course,and i hope u stay single until i am old enough to travel to wherever u r and hope to impress u (u will be hearing my name in the REAL world very soon)btw my email is naddooshe4ever@hotmail.com
with love:)


I am the bigest fan of daniel radcliffe.i saw the harry potter all parts 27 times each part.i want to meet you in my life.i give you my life.your acting is very killing.in the world i am no.1 fan of daniel radcliff.i am from india.can you give me your address.i always miss you any time i think about.my name is muhafil and i am 16 years old boy.be happy in life.i want to meet you i my life.you are so great.i want to make you my friend.miss you.


God No He Loves Woman To Much To Be GayAnd He Doesn't Have A Facebook Account Sorry


I thought he was gay?! Someone told me that he mentioned on tv that he was gay.


He can come and chase me anytime he likes!!! Or we can chat on Facebook if he's got one. Asia_tabor@yahoo.com I'll be anticipating it...


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