Clay Aiken Makes a Plea for Pakistan

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As a UNICEF Ambassador and all-around good guy, Clay Aiken has released a new video.

In it, the former American Idol runner-up asks viewers to donate to emergency relief efforts for children in Pakistan, following that country's recent, torrid, fatal flooding.

“Right now, more than four million children are caught in the aftermath of the worst flood in Pakistan’s history,” he says below. “They need clean water, medicine and shelter to survive."

Give what you can, folks. It's a worthwhile cause.


The devastation is horrifying. I will gladly support the children of Pakistan. Thanks for the video.


UNICEF continues to be a lifesaver for children around the world and Clay Aiken as their spokesman facilitates their good deeds.


Thank you for the video and your support in posting it.


What a sad situation. Pakistan needs our help. Since Clay started out as a Special Education Teacher, he has followed his heart and is still doing what he can to help children all over the world. If we could all help a little! we can change the world...


Thank you for posting about UNICEF and Clay Aiken. It is always nice to see a celebrity that supports children throughout the world.


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