Clay Aiken Makes a Plea for Pakistan

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As a UNICEF Ambassador and all-around good guy, Clay Aiken has released a new video.

In it, the former American Idol runner-up asks viewers to donate to emergency relief efforts for children in Pakistan, following that country's recent, torrid, fatal flooding.

“Right now, more than four million children are caught in the aftermath of the worst flood in Pakistan’s history,” he says below. “They need clean water, medicine and shelter to survive."

Give what you can, folks. It's a worthwhile cause.


Thank you UNICEF Ambassador, Clay Aiken - an advocate for all children. A Special Education Teacher - special man.


Clay Aiken is a great talent who gets bad press no matter what he does. I am glad that he and a few other celebrities donate their time and effort to help children. Most other celebrity types do it only for publicity once in a while.


Thank you for posting the UNICEF video. The devastation to the
children is awful. Thank you UNICEF and Clay - and anyone else
who care for the less fortunate.


The remarks on the View, Clay was reading from a script he was given. It was a set up to let Whoopi be funny. But some kids are a-holes.
And as for hating children--- be serious it was a joke. We all know he loves kids.
But no matter where there are remarks about Clay, the HATERS are out in force,
You go Clay, with all your good works.


Laurie, joking or not, it is still very inappropriate for Aiken, who supposedly is an advocate for children, to make such horrible remarks about them. He's known for putting his huge foot in his mouth, but at 30+ years of age, he should be able to control himself by now.


Anyone who watched Clay Aiken's interview knew that he was joking, as he was in his M&G with a group of fans. The usual haters who come out of the woodwork can make their absurd disparaging comments, but the focus needs to remain on the people of Pakistan who desperately need our help. Thank you for posting this video here.


Before you start calling this guy Saint Clay, he is the same jerk who recently called children a**holes on "The View" and in a recent meet & greet, said that since he's had his own child, he hates children. Aiken is a disgrace. UNICEF needs to drop him like a hot potato.


Thank you, Hollywood Gossip, for posting this video. And thank you, UNICEF, Clay Aiken, and all the UNICEF ambassadors for their tireless efforts on behalf of the world's children. I've made my donation for this, as well as an on-going monthly donation to UNICEF. If we all chipped in, such a difference could be made.


Thank you Clay Aiken for "using your voice" and bringing the plight of the children of Pakistan to our attention.
Those children sure need help, please open up your heart and your wallet!


So much tragedy in the Middle East, both nature and man-made. This is one place I can help.


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