Report: Chris Lambton Offered The Bachelor, Likely to Choose "Normal Life" Instead

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Should Chris Lambton be The Bachelor? To 87 percent of fans (according to THG's survey) who watched him on The Bachelorette, there's no question.

The Cape Codder won the hearts of millions falling just short in pursuit of Ali Fedotowsky. If ever there were a lock for the next Bachelor, it'd be Chris.

If he wants it, that is. Reportedly he does not.

"All of our best Bachelors have been hesitant at first," says a source cited by E! Online, who says Chris told the producers of the ABC show he'll pass.

Rather than a starring role with the tables turned, Chris Lambton wants to resume "normal life." A reality star wanting to avoid the spotlight? Novel.

Chris Lambton on The Bachelorette

It's not over yet, though: The Bachelor powers that be are still wooing Chris Lambton, in hopes of changing his mind and guaranteeing record ratings for next season.

"The producers really want Chris to be the guy," says a source with knowledge of the situation. "They're hoping to convince him. This definitely isn't dead yet."

And an ABC insider adds that it's "too soon" to determine who will, or won't, be the next Bachelor, or who would star instead of Chris if he sticks to his guns.

It's worth noting that Ali Fedotowsky bailed on The Bachelor to return to her actual life, only to pull a 180 and take The Bachelorette gig shortly thereafter.

Her exit from Jake Pavelka's season reeked of a stunt, though. Chris L. genuinely seems like the type who might actually turn down such an opportunity.

What do you think? Should Chris Lambton be The Bachelor?


I think Chris really got hurt on the Bachelor and is not probably ready for this type of deal yet if he ever will. I would hate to find out that he is the conniving kind of man that I've seen on the Bachelor Pad of some of the guys I thought were as nice as Chris. I would hate to think he 's like the rest.
I would like very much to see CRAIGbecome the next bachelor and
also the WEATHERMAN.Both of those were protrayed wrong their first go around. Also I think WES would be a good bachelor. I
do think he's sincere; he's a singer but he hasn't pushed it, not
like Kasey or even Jake who thought he was everything-polite my bu**-he was a liar. Wes has got a country twang a c.singer has
and not bad at all. I hope Chris does ok but I understand his not wanting to be The Bachelor.


You can't compare Chris being a normal guy to Ali who so obviously plotted and timed her "exit back to normal life" so she would get the next bachelorette gig. Girl pulled off the plan really well I must say.

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