Bruce Jenner Defends Kendall Jenner Bikini Pics; New Modeling Photos Released

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The rather mature statement Kendall Jenner released last week regarding her controversial bikini pictorial isn't enough for Bruce Jenner.

That former Olympian has spoken out himself in defense of his daughter, saying he doesn't understand why she received any flak at all for posing in a bathing suit.

"She wasn't showing anything that was inappropriate - you know, too much cleavage or anything like that," he sais. "They were just like hot shots ... I saw the pictures and I said, 'OK.' If that is what she wants to do - she wants to be a model - then more power to her."

That is definitely what the 14-year old wants to do, as step-sister Kim Kardashian released the following new pictures (courtesy of photographer Nick Saglimbeni) on her blog this week:

By Nick Saglimbeni
Looking Prim

Kendall Jenner wants to follow in her siblings' modeling footsteps. That's fine. But let's just keep her away from Ray J.


I think she's a cool gal to be a bikini model for her age. Since she's same age as me, it'd be totally cool for me but for some conservative adults, they'd be whining & complaining about girls in our generation being outta control. Gad.. change is better than sticking to the boring & old fashioned way of living which for us would only waste our life forever. Let Kendall do what she wanna do, it's her life. Better than drugs ;)


Kendall looks Awesome!


in the pictures above i think she looks cute shes NOT showing so much at least shes not busting a disney chick version of being outa controll lol.really though and again yes for her age it is unappoperiate but its not much out there i dont see her personal parts


i personally take it as going way overboard! im not surprised to see this tho, from what i see her wearing casually are shorts that show her butt and shirts that her stomach always showing! my parents would never allow me out the house like that! her parents need to to have disipline somewhere before somethin happens to thier LITTLE girl, hope they feel good at the thought of nasty pervs wackin it to thier 14yr old daughter, but prolly not with a mother only thinkin how much she can get in her pocket from this, sick!


thank you.


i dont get why people are giving her so much grief about those pictures its not that bad its not like shes completely showing her boobs is it and N.ellen stop being so visicious towards their family you wouldnt like someone saying you were a horrible mum or your parents were bad people so stop being a horrible bitch!! and you have just as much chance of getting pregnant then anyone else soo stop acting like you and your family are so great


@N.Ellen: Wow, I didn't know there were still some puritans alive in America! Most women and girls wear bikinis and bathing suits at the beach. Open a magazine and you'll see the same thing. Get over it and stop acting like some crazy prudish idiot.


she is one beautiful girl. she looks like that model from the hills in season 1 but much prettier.


she's a prettier version of khloe but definitely not a supermodel material even with tons of make up.too much hype but designers would not buy lol!


Kendall and Kim are half-sisters, not step-sisters.

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