Britney Spears Fans Are Gonna Be Happy

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“Britney fans are gonna be so happy in few weeks.”

Why? We can't say. But these are the words recently uttered by one of her producers, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, on Ustream. He's been writing for her, as well as Beyonce. Might there be a new offering from the pop star soon?

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It's been almost two years since Britney Spears released her comeback album Circus, for which she also toured much of the planet, and fans have been clamoring for any hint that she's getting ready to follow it up ever since.

Is new Britney Spears music finally upon us?

Either that, or Darkchild was just referring to a bunch of images like this one. Girl just can't remember to put a bra on before leaving the house, bless her heart ...

STARBUCKS, CHECK: Smile? Check. Underwear? Not accounted for.


then don't listen to her songs then i think she's doing good seince she had a bad life im glad she's doing good i still have her dolls and books and cd i reather wear her clothing line then avril i know what miley is doing people say sex sales theats why miley and all the celecbs showing haft their body but they have good music so i wish yall quite pick on britney and the other celebs the r people to and they have a past to


I wish the people who blog/write on this would remain honest and impartial, ever wonder why few people read you and most of them hate you? And the fact that you guys aren't journalists in real life, but just some lame nerds/nerd who has no life except for bitching about people. Its cause you are just pathetic and fail to realize the art of journalism. Talk about being a hypocrite, cause if it was someone else you'd all go ooo la la, but with the ones you hate its going to be put your clothes on. Seriously? You expect this from the actresses/ singers and when they do you go shame on you. Hypocrites!!Thats what you are!


shes cooler than ever.


Is she actually going to have music like she had before? I am so tired of hearing her sing the same words repeatedly. I know she has been through a tough time, but please give us something besides the same words. What happened to the music she use to sing? I loved her music before when she first came out, is the talent still there?


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I miss it here so much! I love it so much! It makes me it's kinda like bittersweet coming here because I used to live here for two years. And when I come here, it's like, man, I wish I had my apartment here still.

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MTV has long played an important role in my career. How can I not be there to kick off their 25th VMAs?

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