British DJ Labels Justin Bieber a "Precocious Little Brat"

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Turns out, not everyone loves Justin Bieber.

Following Bill O'Reilly's criticism of the singer's Elle photo shoot, British DJ Scott Mills has come out and really attacked Bieber.

Being the Biebs

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After recently interviewing the 16-year old sensation, Mills Tweeted: "Seriously, someone needs to have a word with him. He's a precocious little brat."

As you might expect, this did not sit well with the 27 billion teenagers afflicted with Bieber Fever. They bombarded Mills with responses, leading to this follow-up Tweet:

"I may have called Justin bieber a brat in today's metro! Just my experience of him,sorry.. Getting few angry messages!"

This isn't the first time Bieber has been accused of diva-like behavior. An Australian TV host said the artist flipped out over being touched during a May appearance.

Then again, Mills is also on record complaining about another celebrity's reaction on his radio show:

"Pamela Anderson was a whirlwind of nonsense," he said. "She came on the show, didn't answer any questions and as she left she threw a piece of paper at me saying 'read this', which was the details of her TV show."

Dude, maybe it's you.


ppl stop saying bad things about justin hes a very talented boy and hes sweet and cute but i think you should all stop saying mean things we all know that some ppl dont like him and we all have different opinions so if you have anything bad to say about him keep it to ur self plz cuz we all know what opinions ur going to say and just to let you know im a big fan of jb!maybe im not the only #1 fan but i can say billions or thrillions luv him!!!!


Hey that really not nice to about some one ur just interviewing. And u just know about him u dont really know him . Doooooont hater p.s ur just mad cus sing and dance u cant haaa.


I wouldn't know this kid if I ran over him the car, but let's face it, all 16 year olds are brats that's how parents get gray hair. I can't even imagine on what level the brattiness is for a famous teenager.


Justin Bieber is talented no matter what anyone says now if you wanna talk badd about justin bieber go ahead because its gonna back fire on you P.S. Just to let tyall know justin Bieber comes on here so who ever put this on here he is gonna find out soo BBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YYYYYYYOOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!:)


I would rather watch a house fly make love to a bread crumb than listen to a Justin Beiber song.


Thank you!!! somebody finally says it that has an impact. I


I can believe this. I think he's completely untalented and I don't like him. That's my opinion. I was waiting for something like this to be said about him! :P


u better get angry messages and turn into a deliver peace j-biebs


The Bieb's not a precocious brat, he's a has-been waiting to happen. Oh no I didn't... Oh yes I did!


I'm not Justin Bieber's biggest fan, if you know what I mean, but I don't think he's a brat. He is extremely talented, so don't mess with it, lol. :)


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