British DJ Labels Justin Bieber a "Precocious Little Brat"

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Turns out, not everyone loves Justin Bieber.

Following Bill O'Reilly's criticism of the singer's Elle photo shoot, British DJ Scott Mills has come out and really attacked Bieber.

Being the Biebs

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After recently interviewing the 16-year old sensation, Mills Tweeted: "Seriously, someone needs to have a word with him. He's a precocious little brat."

As you might expect, this did not sit well with the 27 billion teenagers afflicted with Bieber Fever. They bombarded Mills with responses, leading to this follow-up Tweet:

"I may have called Justin bieber a brat in today's metro! Just my experience of him,sorry.. Getting few angry messages!"

This isn't the first time Bieber has been accused of diva-like behavior. An Australian TV host said the artist flipped out over being touched during a May appearance.

Then again, Mills is also on record complaining about another celebrity's reaction on his radio show:

"Pamela Anderson was a whirlwind of nonsense," he said. "She came on the show, didn't answer any questions and as she left she threw a piece of paper at me saying 'read this', which was the details of her TV show."

Dude, maybe it's you.




dont worry justin all your beliebers follow the bieble (justin biebers fan bible) and will always love you and be with you every step of the way!!! :)


you guys just needa get off justin's euvous mmmkay! if he wants to be a brat let em be a brat he's famous! come on now.


To everyone saying that Justin Bieber is so cool, YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HIM! This guy is simply stating an opinion after having a conversation with him. I bet most of you have never even talked Bieber so how would you know that he's a good guy?


Listen I'm a fan of him okay!!!


@kassidy Mill not having millions of fans doesn't mean he can't speak out his opinion about JB! Don't be a psycho, that's gross.


all you JB lovers ! GO STICK YOUR HEAD IN A DOGS ASS !


It's just one's opinion, isn't it? Why those fans cannot hold on their temper? So no one can say a word about Justin Bieber unless it's praise. Should we worship and build church and temples for Justin Bieber now?
No matter he's talented or not, a brat or not, I respect his right to express his thoughts. And I don't feel angry at all though I kinda like JB. I don't wanna force others to like or praise JB just because I like him.
BTW, he's got a good vocals, but talented...idk.


justin is amazing and has sooo many beliebers - your just jealous you ain't got no "milliebers". stop talkin' crap and shutup about, or else i will SHUT YOU DOWN.


JB is cool who would call him a brat thats dumb if u would call JB a brat


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