Bristol Palin: Cast on Dancing With the Stars!

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Dancing With the Stars was already quietly amassing a solid roster for its upcoming 11th season, but now it's truly outdone itself - Bristol Palin is on board!

Yes, Sarah Palin's 19-year-old daughter, famous only because Levi Johnston knocked her up in 2008, has joined Dancing With the Stars, which premieres Sept. 20.

David Hasselhoff, Audrina Patridge, The Situation and Brandy are said to be in as well, and possibly Ali Fedotowsky, Roberto Martinez and Kirstie Alley.

Bristol Palin and the rest of the Dancing With the Stars cast will be unveiled officially during Bachelor Pad next Monday. Are you excited that she's going to be on it?

We don't know why we're surprised, but ... Bristol Palin?! Seriously? And he thought her Secret Life appearance was unscrupulously milking her fame.

At this point, even her ardent fans must admit this is a bit much. We know she's getting paid and supporting her son, but does it set a bad example?

Is there a way to put the usual "positive teen role model" spin on this one? You tell us: Is Bristol going on DWTS right or wrong?


Someone please explain to me how she is a "STAR"!! I'm sorry but DWTS is getting seriously desperate to find people willing to be on this show. It must be nice to have a silver spoon in your mouth, that's all I can say! Who is taking care of that baby while she is out trying to be famous? NOT HER!


@Marcela: The scandal is two-fold:
1. Bristol says she wants to be an ambassador AGAINST teenage pregnancy - yet the absolute only reason she's a contestant is b/c she's a teenage mother. Does this not glorify the act instead of frown upon it?
2. Sarah Palin has cried a river about leaving her family alone... yet Bristol takes every conceivable opportunity (tabloid covers, TV shows, DWTS) to put herself in the news. There would be no scandal if the Palins didn't redefine the term "hypocrisy" every chance they got.


Go Bristol, she has a baby, is not the first woman having one a tender age, and surely not the first one to try to build a career or trying to find some economic independence , being single a mom at same time. So what is the scandal here?


Bristol Palin is so going to get knocked up by The Situation, mark my words.


it's really just a slap in the face of one person with a vagina


@CG: You make a couple decent points, but this is directed solely at Bristol - not women in general - b/c she has rattled on about the difficulties of being a young, single mother... when, in fact, she has more money and resources at her disposal than 99.99999999% of single mothers out there.
THG has no problem at all with her making money and we certainly believe in women working while having children - but the utter hypocrisy of the Palins to tell the media to leave Bristol alone WHILE booking her on magazine covers and TV shows is the issue here.


I thought that the show was called "Dancing With the Stars" not "Dancing With Single Teenage Mothers". Why is television giving so many teenage mothers the spotlight? With so many various forms of birth control these days and so many young girls being responsible by taking it, why is television rewarding the girls who didn't take it?


I'm no Palin family fan, but I had to step in here... "Take care of your kid, not your career"??? Is this the 50's? There are plenty of women out there who take care of both their family and their careers beautifully. There are plenty of women out there who have no other choice but to juggle both. Your implication that women should choose one or the other is a slap in the face to everyone with a vagina. I can not believe a site with a majority female readership would write such a thing.

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