Bill O'Reilly: Jennifer Aniston Sends a Bad Message, is Destructive to Society!

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Bill O'Reilly.

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    Who cares, kids fall apart on streets, in alleys, or in mental institutions or in holy wars in the Middle East! Life is cheep for Hollywood, they swallows up most of young kids without aim next to military. Money is no object! The taxpayers foot the bill. Right Aniston?


    OOOHHH I forgot about the kids having sex...she's not telling kids it's ok to have babies with no daddies, they've been doing that way before she talked about having a baby with no that is a total pointless road to even go down...


    She needs to wake up in the real world because society is out of control with their ideas children don't need a mother and father. Just because she's not close to her mother doesn't mean the rest of us aren't. Also Hollywood actors have enough money to have nannies, maids and housekeepers to help them with their kids not like the rest of us smucks who don't. She also needs to stop thinking poking fun at her ex or Angelina is funny because honey she's got your husband and he ain't going back to you.


    after thinking of how men cheats on thier wives these days and how women has to give up so much in bringing up the kids while the men go around like are single, Jennifer is not far from the truth. instead of getting divorsed after having kids, i rather have the kids alone throgh sperm donnor etc and to know right from the start that i am alone without a partner


    So, Carrie, I guess noone else can have an opinion that doesn't agree with yours? I'm a single mother of a 2 year old & I'm 48, AND I agree with O'Reilly. Oh, and I'm presuming that you have never heard men call each other bitch. Wow, you don't get out much, do you?


    His perception vs her perception. Children need love, lots and lots of love, from one parent or two or twelve. Love, and to know without a doubt they can count on and go to someone who cares, literally. It sounds like a mountain is being made out of a mole hill. Live and let go. She's a smart cookie, real smart. He ..... maybe not so much.


    Ladies, be careful who you have your children by. Don't want problems. Having both parents is best for the children even if the child just has a good relationship with both parents. Too many kid without both parents. It leads to poverty and other problems. Children need a father!


    I agree, when you have money you can go buy sperm at a sperm bank, provide shelter, food, clothing, organized sports, nanny's etc. Personally, my mother raised three children alone and I wouldn't recommend any woman do that. Mom worked part-time jobs to take care of us and wasn't home much.


    Misguided 'girl power' is more about male-bashing & turns kids into products, pets, and accessories that one can buy with a credit card at a sperm bank. Just get a dog & realize that TEAM JOLIE won big-time!

    Single motherhood is great. I am a son from such a situation. But to CHOOSE that is pretty selfish. Every kid DESERVES to have a Daddy, not some guy jerking it into a cup for money.

    Chances are "daddy" has to meet racist eugenics-style criteria (tall, caucasian, rich, high IQ) to be a donor. That's just wrong on so many levels.


    Who cares if Jennifer Aniston decides to have a baby on her own? That's her business. It's not for Bill O'Reilly to decide what any woman should or should not do. Somebody tell Bill O'Reilly to shut up and clean up his own back yard. I'm tired of that ugly bully, spewing insults at people.

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