Antwaun Cook Admits Fantasia Affair, Defends Singer

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Antwaun Cook has finally spoken out about his relationship with Fantasia Barrino.

Or at least Cooke's lawyer has done so on her client's behalf. In a statement released today, Nicole Sodoma writes that Cook wants to "address the criticism and judgment he has received" for cheating on his wife with the American Idol champion.

Fantasia Barrino on Stage

"He knew Fantasia Barrino, but the failure of his marriage can in no way be blamed on anyone except the two people that were a part of the union – Paula and Antwaun," the statement reads.

Paula Cook brought this affair to light when she filed court documents earlier this month alleging a sex tape exists between her husband and Fantasia.

Cooks admit to dating Barrino "on and off for about 11 months," but says Fantasia was under the impression his marriage was over during this time.

"[Paula and Antwaun] expected their marriage to stand the test of time," said Sodoma. "Unfortunately, like many marriages, it did not turn out as planned. In late summer 2009, after years of discussion, the parties separated with the intention of no longer being married."

Fantasia recently thanked fans for their support and confirmed a series of promotional appearances over the next few weeks on behalf of her new album.

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Fantasia may be back with Antwaun Cook, but the affair could still end up costing her everything she owns. Even if Antwaun marries Fantasia, it does not exempt her from being sued for alienation of affection by Antwaun’s wife. For details see Fantasia is Back with Antwaun – But She Could Still Lose Him and Everything Else She Owns at


to mean dont readpoters going round gossip on nother people how would u fell someone did that two your friends family i used ti do that cauesd lot frighting not good brought to thise world not to hurt one other,


@ doobie Why are you calling her a homwrecker? Which home did she wreck? According to Mr. Cook the marriage was over way before 2009! I'm sorry but I would have to go with Mr. Cook on this one! The problems in the marriage, the marriage not working out is between Mr. and Mrs. Cook! I don't condone adultery but according to him he was seperated from her in the late summer of 2009. In NC you have to be seprated a year and a day before papers can be filed, divorce papers that is! So if they seperated june 2010 but divorce papers were filed august 2010, then that is about a 2 month period! Mrs. Cook is in some serious denial!!!


i hope fantasia's conscience turn to her like how annoying her voice is when she sings. she deserves everything. what a homewrecker she is!


The only reason why she wants to sue is because the affair was public...if it was quiet she wouldn't care. Celebrities cheat all the time, they usually solve those "indiscretions" with jewelry, vacations, shopping, but if it's only if its public when they care.


@RuthHouston, PLEASE!!!! Your head is sooooo far up your AZZ, you can't even comprehend!! His wife apparently is confused, because she is saying that they seperated in June 2010, when in fact in NC, you have to be seperated a whole year and a day before divorce papers are filed! According to Mr. Cook, they decided late summer 2009 that they were seperating with the result of their marriage ending! He also stated through his lawyer that they were having problems way before 2009. So she can sue all she wants I just hope she don't waste the courts time becuase she is hurt or a 'woman scorned' and NO I donot condone adultery, but she is very wrong with her anger and blame!!! @Model 25 what does being a Kappa have to do with it!! We are all humans and we all make mistakes so PLEASEEEEEE!!!


Wow, I can not believe Antwaun Cook is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. This is truly sad the way he has represented himself on behalf of this fraternity.


Fantasia is still in a position to be sued for alienation of affection by Antwaun Cook’s wife. If Fantasia has to hand over a sizeable chunk of her assets to Paula Cook, will Antwaun still want her then? Or will he go back to his wife? How did Fantasia get into this predicament, anyway? Did Antwaun and his wife set Fantasia up? Is Antwaun only interested in Fantasia for what he can get? Or is the whole suicide – divorce – lawsuit scenario just a publicity ploy to promote Fantasia’s new album, which debuts this month? See Fantasia Barrino – Was She Set Up? Did Antwaun Cook Use Her? Or is it a Publicity Ploy? at


PS Cook admitted to knowing Fantasia, not dating her!! Fantasia's camp stated that her and Antwaun dated on and off for 11 months!! PLEASE REPORT CORRECTLY AND STOP PRINTING HALF TRUTHS!!!


@r_ger, Now you know you are STUPID!! His marriage was over way before Fantasia came along! I know his wife, soon to be ex-wife is SHI&&ING BRICKS right now!!His wife was very PATHETIC for accusing Fantasia of a marriage that was destined to fail!! She can sue all she wants, I gaurantee you, she won't get a penny!!! NO ONE CAN WRECK A MARRIAGE, IT'S BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE!!! Antwaun and Paula talked about the marriage being over way before 2009! SO GET OVER IT!!!! I am glad he spoke out because I knew all along, Fantasia was innocent in all of this!

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