Antwaun Cook Admits Fantasia Affair, Defends Singer

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Antwaun Cook has finally spoken out about his relationship with Fantasia Barrino.

Or at least Cooke's lawyer has done so on her client's behalf. In a statement released today, Nicole Sodoma writes that Cook wants to "address the criticism and judgment he has received" for cheating on his wife with the American Idol champion.

Fantasia Barrino on Stage

"He knew Fantasia Barrino, but the failure of his marriage can in no way be blamed on anyone except the two people that were a part of the union – Paula and Antwaun," the statement reads.

Paula Cook brought this affair to light when she filed court documents earlier this month alleging a sex tape exists between her husband and Fantasia.

Cooks admit to dating Barrino "on and off for about 11 months," but says Fantasia was under the impression his marriage was over during this time.

"[Paula and Antwaun] expected their marriage to stand the test of time," said Sodoma. "Unfortunately, like many marriages, it did not turn out as planned. In late summer 2009, after years of discussion, the parties separated with the intention of no longer being married."

Fantasia recently thanked fans for their support and confirmed a series of promotional appearances over the next few weeks on behalf of her new album.

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If he was married still and just seperated he shouldn't have been out sleeping around with anyone,and if she knew he was in a process of getting a divorce she shouldn't have been sleeping with him at all. They both were in the wrong. There are alot of married men and women cheating on their spouse not saying that it won't happen to us,but if it do the only thing us married spouses or girlfriends or boyfriends can do is just forgive,divorce,or leave um


Straight up its not fantasia fault for their marriage falling apart. Mr.Cook Been lying to her for all that time...shame! Still love Fantasia..Keep your head up


sound like to me they both need jesus


antwaun is too good looking for fantasia


i wish fantasia well, Paula needs to wake up, she and her husband are definitely responsible. nothing to blame fantasia for... each and every one of us have free will... Paula is sad and shameless, that last child don't look..... papa should get DNA..


Paula is pissed cause she thought she was a beauty queen...


Mrs. Cook is just lame and a shamed. If it was a person in the streets and not Fantasia she would not be trying to sue. She just looking at dollar signs but i hope she dont get anything. The marriage was already over before Fantasia came in the picture. Its not Fantasia's fault. Mrs. Cook u cannot make a man want you.
Mrs. Cook you should of been trying to get it together. You know when the marriage gets rocky u have to spice that it up and if it get to the point that you cannot spice it up it's time to find you someone else.


Who cares?? It will have no direct affect on my life one way or the other, whatever happens is between Fantasia, Antwaun, Paula, and the children. Don't care for Fantasia's singing or her reality show, but I wish her well.


@RuthHouston They (FANTASIA & ANTWAUN) are not together!! She clearly states that she is SINGLE!! AFFAIR? WHAT AFFAIR? She dated him on and off for 11 months. AS OFF NOW, ACTUALLY FOR A WHILE SHE IS SINGLE!SINGLE SINGLE SINGLE!!! His wife can try to sue Fantasia all she wants, she can';t blame Fantasia for her marriage ending because her marriage was in trouble way before Fantasia came along!! Mrs. Cook needs to stop being bitter, and stop blaming others for her problems! She needs to take it up with her husband!! She is truly letting people see her for what she is 'A WOMAN SCORNED'!


Publicity. Yawn.

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